The Conversation: A Safe Place for every child, 24-7

Mantra: A Prosperous Digital Citizenry Starts With An Optimized Citizen.


Curating an Optimized Citizenry starts with our youngest Citizens (#AgeGroups)

If we are truly committed to facilitating the innovation we need to ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense and secure the blessings of liberty, we need to think in bulk efficiencies about our youngest citizens. The opportunity costs for not streamlining solutions around our minicitizens are astronomical.

#247SafePlace for kids will provide citizens with a free, safe, educational and entertaining mind-body childcare option, in every neighborhood, within walking distance of every elementary school child.

Harried parents can be unburdened by overwhelming childcare costs and pursue employment & degrees without worrying that their kids are ok or that they're just being parked somewhere without being engaged in an environment tailored for their development and growth. Vetted childcare professionals using professional observation skills can assist with identifying kids' needs from the earliest ages and #BeliefID will port their insights into customized educational and social paths.

Existing businesses and nonprofits will be able to sign up as the local #247SafePlace provider: our job as emerging social citizens is to drop pins on locations of need, then inventory the resources we have or lack in order to get our needs met. Where providers don't exist, we will create programs within school buildings or a local home or commercial space. All care providers to be vetted, trained & background checked. Monitoring technologies will be explored in social lab experiments, results shared, best vendors identified, practices developed & employed. #247SafePlace #wayfinders will develop national programming to connect best thought leaders & practices.