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Adaptive Reuse


Adaptive Reuse projects (like the Hughes Aircraft project the LA Conservancy email describes below) rethink old buildings & places instead of abandoning them or tearing them down. With #NeighborhoodHospitality thinking, we can create new visions for historical structures and neighborhoods, without turning *everything* into condos. Ava will be reaching out to all of her architect, interior, landscape and civic designer cronies looking for Ava-in-Residence gigs highlighting exciting #PodsEcosystems across our fine nation!



My friend, Gunta, is an architect & landscape designer and works for an international architectural services company. 


I’m doing well! Have been in a kind of soul-searching, executive sabbatical mode since both the girls are in college now. The outcome is a fun new project—running for U.S. President as a former showgirl character named d’Ava Gardener—in a social media campaign, using the concept of redesigning governance in light of current technology as a place-connecting idea for touring the country with my new art show. Check it out if you have time! I’m looking for artist-in-residence opportunities highlighting interesting civic and adaptive reuse projects. I can engage in project work while in residence and will blog about & promote my host's development efforts, looking for interesting connections as I move from place to place. Here’s a bit about the project & a bit of the former-showgirl-on-the-lam vibe here


What are you working on these days? How are the kiddos?

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d.b.a. D’Ava Gardener




Cars and Container labs, studios, classrooms connecting beautiful little U.S. towns along cargo train lines, taking pressure off big city rents & highway congestion. Good for environment/good for our health (live/work/walkable places) Why build new corporate & other campuses *like* main street towns when we have *actual* main street towns we could love on? The old train barons weren't messing around: awesome #LocalFlavor & materials like marble, hand carved wood, stained glass etc.  With tech and clean transportation, we can live & work from anywhere without becoming isolated.