Kelley Brown Padrick’s Field Notes Artist Statement

#FieldNotes is a group of contemplative art pieces exploring the significance of various spiritual forms: the mandala square, doors & scroll.  #DesignThinking for #AVA2016, now #AVA2020, is an outcome of using #mindfulmaking as #spiritual #wayfinding. As a consequence of this calling, I promote global pods standards for #SocialChange in governance.


Images & related #AVA2016 posts from #FieldNotes  reflections on Facebook. 

Images & related #AVA2016 posts from #FieldNotes reflections on Facebook. 

What influences me most?

Spiritual Seeking. 

What is Your Project About?

Running for President as a marketing campaign to transform governance in light of contemporary technologies. Ask yourself: what would happen if I really focused on developing and contributing my best gifts in the presence of God (or your highest aspirational values) for the benefit of civilization and asked our highly specialized and targeted technologies to organize around those? What would happen if every citizen did that? What if my #Studio #process were to travel with me, instead of me having to adjust how I work based on every client or employer engagement?

Human Experience Design

The customer is always right! Right? Hmm. Maybe I need to stay in alignment and the sustainable livelihood options should invite me: #MoralCompass technologies that understand my #BeliefDNA should help me navigate our dynamic environments dynamically with my ever-evolving best self. 

I call this field Human Experience Design (#HXD) "This is the experience I want to have & I'm asking tech to do the heavy lifting to make it happen." User Experience/UX on the other hand is frequently sponsored by a specific product or service company or is enhancing a known experience: a suggested example- how do I get this branded stroller from home, into the car, out of the car, through the TSA, onto the plane and so forth. #HXD might respond: I want a standard stroller box or bag shipped to my house prior to departure that fits a matching stroller at my final destination.

#HXD and #UX are both necessary and regularly interwoven. For me, the spiritual seeking bit is what connects the two. I dance, chant and pray through the platform all day, regularly in costume. In a traditional office setting this could look bizarre, so I'm seeking experiential invitations to do what I do for the benefit of civilization.

An Artist & Designer Running for President? 

Yes. The U.S. constitution, for example, is over 200 years old. Many of our institutions of governance are still based on legacy designs: this is government, this is academia, this is commercial sector. In the past, we needed nested representation to cover great spans of both physical geographies as well as intellectual disciplines. With technology, expertise has become category-specific and specialized. Creating governing programs regarding increasingly specialized subject matter, determining how best to execute and monitor them, and evaluating their effectiveness is better handled today by trending but interdependent, proven thought leadership. 

While the attributes (think Preamble) of many brands like the USA are still admirable,  how they are made manifest in a global technology environment can be antiquated or inefficient. My proposal is to use #designthinking principles, especially those applying to consistent user interface in technologies, to revisit how we govern ourselves. The user, or #CitizenExperience, should be as streamlined as an eCommerce experience that connects brick and mortar locations to a global brand entity. By approaching governance redesign as an ongoing rebranding effort, we can regularly revisit both the positive & negative associations of any governing value system engaging in helpful diplomatic corrections along the way.  

Why am I doing it?

I was trying make a living as an artist, and was tired of having to do work I wasn’t passionate about just because the world wasn’t designed to value what I do. So I started designing systems that would. If living in beautiful homes is of value (think of all the lifestyle, decor, health & family, home improvement industries) then being a home maker should be a core citizen responsibility, not something that's simply marketed to us. I have to pay to be an awesome citizen innovator? It doesn't make sense from an educational or HR perspective. Raising the next generation of citizens? We should be supporting parents to do this before engaging in other activity. 


Images & related #AVA2016 posts from #FieldNotes   reflections on Facebook. 

Images & related #AVA2016 posts from #FieldNotes reflections on Facebook. 


How does my art relate to the art of my contemporaries?

I don’t know, but I plan to find out. "Luxury" items like travel, fine art and design are frequently inaccessible: living in a major city is expensive if you want to view paintings regularly, luxury automobiles and the design, materials & engineering they represent are available only to the wealthy. How would I become educated about the hand of fine fabric unless couture clothing is in my environs?

Like many busy working parents, I had to put my personal dreams of becoming a “serious artist” on hold while raising a family, working in a less relevant money-making career to provide a suburban lifestyle I thought represented "being a responsible parent and adult."

As I prepared to transition into the empty-nester part of my life, I operated a tiny gallery of American Handcraft & Artisanal #LocalManufacturing in Laguna California in order to learn the art business, but became so overwhelmed with the Great Recession of 2008-2009 and the years following, I spent much of my time behind its counter working on any small, unrelated client marketing work I could just to pay both my family’s and the gallery’s bills. 

What do I want others to understand about my art?

What I came to understand about my own #mindfulmaking #practice may empower you too. For me, painting is *not* about producing a product for sale. It’s a #flowactivity that allows me to enter into deep states of consciousness (I personally call this being in the presence of God) from where a harvest of new ideas and designs emerge. This work isn't necessarily goal-oriented or organized, may not have a "place" yet. But if my working definition of art is the material evidence of time spent in God consciousness (Thy Will be Done vs. Is this good art?) then it's "good" no matter what.

As a consequence of creating the works that make up the Field Notes show, I am convicted that if we are serious about innovation, the #CitizenExperience must engage deep flow activity, whether that’s coding or sporting or cooking or hand-drafting. Present a problem or opportunity for thoughtful consideration or contemplation>>enter a flow process that may not even directly address the concern>>then come back out & “miraculously” solutions appear. 

I am interested in setting up showings of the work in unique locations along the campaign trail in order to observe people experiencing my paintings in ways relevant to them, in their places.

Example: we're starting a restaurant, pop-up retail, or sanctuary environment and we'd like you to show your work in the lobby of the project & peel potatoes (#Stir pod knife skills) or do retail or front of house display (3D visual design #practice) during your stay. That way, I'll be a hands-on, relevant citizen contributor while engaged in my own #LifeLongLearning. My hosts will benefit from unique social media and having a senior level project manager in their midst who might notice streamlining opportunities in potato #materialsmanagement (Senior people deployed in real world situations for low cost. A smart, sought-after tourist.)

I treat my oil paintings more like perpetually #versioning digital media since that's my professional training. I rev the work via #Colorways conversations with parameters I outline and share. Observing people observing art and talking to each other or to me about their perceptions was one of my favorite parts of being a small gallery owner. I anticipate I’ll make modifications to them as a consequence of these interactions, like versioning tech based on feedback or musicians refining a body of songs on tour. With #BeliefID, the life and evolution of work can be documented the same way humans capture life events digitally. Oil painting can be something entirely new as a consequence. 



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