Invite Ava over to your place!

Kelley Padrick, d.b.a D'Ava Gardener, is using #HXD Human Experience Design or design at human scale, to rediscover and connect the humanities (such as traditional art & design disciplines) to the digital technologies that inform governance. Using our homes, neighborhood blocks & main street towns as a connecting metaphor for a new kind of #SocialWhite House, she's exploring how we're either meeting (or not) the necessities that sustain human life and contentment, by setting up #SocialLab experiments for #SocialChange. 

#AVA2020 is seeking partners in different disciplines and industries who would like to participate in transforming governance as we know it via engaging, entertaining & educational #socialmedia formats. Among these disciplines are: Brand Marketing, Education, Design, Technology, Engineering, Manufacturing, Transportation, Infrastructure, Agriculture, Energy, Environment, Wellness, Healthcare, Security, Media, Entertainment & Communications. 

As your Ava-in-Resident, I'll receive the same food/clothing/shelter/healthcare and sanitation you offer to the citizen talent you are targeting. I'll connect what I experience in your neighborhood to my global standards for governance campaign. Think of the home metaphor the same way we think of the desktop metaphor for personal computing. Ava will work with your community, creating #MemesThatMatter, to promote #SocialLab projects and sponsors: social communications that can trend to make up content for #PinupsPresidential variety shows across the world.

On site, Ava will assist with the development of #SustainableLivingPods and other project work suited to her core skills & interests: #HXD Human Experience Design, Painting, or Spiritual Seeking--exploring local wisdom traditions in order to translate best practices into actionable templates for change in governance:  such as the Moral Compass*. 

Ideal Ava-In-Residence spaces would highlight community gathering locations, local manufacturing/industrial, entertainment venues, or sacred buildings in need of revitalization or residential spaces for the development of #MakerPad or #RnB solutions. 

#DesignThinking: Working with random map pieces from the U.S. to illustrate some mindful making #SocialLab experiments I'd like to do for #Wayfinder exploring in #Sanctuary practices. 


*The Moral Compass: how we'll host civilized conversations using #SocialLab experiments to gather real data to more accurately determine right from wrong/ or support ethical decision making in a complex, interconnected multicultural world.

General Information about Ava2020:

Messaging Matrix: http://www.pinupspresidential.com/platform/

The #SocialLab/Scientific Observation & Experimentation/Trending Results/MindBody http://www.pinupspresidential.com/beliefdnablog/mindbodycommunitydevelopment &Personal Tech Connection: 


Pinups Presidential is a social media entertainment format & AVA2020's social marketing vehicle. It will promote the renewal of public gathering spaces & entertainment venues across the country & feature both national & local talent in a variety show format that will allow for the modular creation of shows- via trending viral videos and topical #MemesThatMatter- both in both large & small venues, influencing shows across the nation. Part of the fun will be that celebrities can show up anywhere, in mega venues or in tiny local ones. When a hometown hero shows up at the 500 seat auditorium, you bet that’s going viral! This will encourage all kinds of creativity & new talent to develop acts that trend & be “discovered”/invited to bigger shows. Why can’t governance be engaging, entertaining & fun?