Ava's Double D's

Many project management processes mimic a standard phased format like Ava's. By pointing your detailed methods towards simple #GovernanceStandards, we can look for relevant connectors to get projects staffed & funded. 

  1. Discover: Articulating what you want to build, identifying a need, defining a problem that needs solving, doing research, looking for inspiration. Mood: What can we imagine? Anything's possible!
  2. Design: Sketching out ideas, building prototypes, weighing different options, anticipating obstacles and opportunities. Mood: We are smart thinkers. 
  3. Develop: A decision has been made about what you are building and how you'd like for it to be built. Now you are building it and problem-solving with actual time, location & materials imposing challenges your design may or may not have anticipated. 1st down. Mood: We are pragmatic problem-solvers.  
  4. Deliver: The home stretch. Broad strokes become fine details. 2 yards to the end zone. Quality testing occurs.  Dress rehearsal: it's show time! Mood: Every little detail matters. We are proofing, cleaning up, finalizing everything. 

To govern ourselves well, why is it important to know what phase We're in? 

Could a person who excels at details in the Delivery phase accidentally squash imaginative thinking in the Discovery phase? 

Could a crazy creative ideas person mess things up in the Delivery phase? 

Why is it important to know what kind of person you are so you can contribute best to a coordinated #CitizenExperience? How can we help each other wear different hats or play our contributing roles differently depending on what phase we're in?