Hope, Joy, Peace and Love by Design

Opt-in citizen campaign for Orchestrating Civic Life with #GovernanceStandards

What happy, healthy human beings need for an optimized #CitizenExperience:

  • 8 hours sleep daily

  • Blocking off time for pre-planned weekly activities- usually 3 #activitystations per working day

  • Day of rest once a week: a civic sabbath

  • Local weekly values-based group gathering or face time with friends to educate and be educated about issues affecting the community or neighborhood. Relating “Act Local/Think Global” to larger regional/national/global civic arrangements and impacts. Checking in to a small group civic gathering like this could eventually become our citizen’s only meeting obligation for the week, replacing the staff meeting at work, scouting meeting after work, family/spouse meetings regarding experiences like meals, materials management, shuttling kids around, managing laundry and sporting equipment that can be better handled in technology-enabled community coordination, like a luxury resort or hospitality property. Generating and Combining the to-do lists generated by 50+/-people in a neighborhood or local affinity group to look for efficiencies. Can be branded experiences periodically changed up at home (#PodsProgramming updated with seasonal #Colorways), or attended while traveling elsewhere, as long as the civic group sends relevant data to citizen’s neighborhood for scheduling and materials management. My prototype program is called #Sanctuary on this site- governing ourselves according to what we truly value.

  • At least one activity block reserved for adult sexuality per week

  • Occasional- weekly or at least quarterly- PinupsPresidential variety show formatting for entertaining civic engagement- like a local SNL for civic issues and awareness. These gatherings can take place in theatrical, auditorium or sporting venues can vary in size. They can prompt venue restoration and or construction and feature both professional and citizen-generated content. #MemesThatMatter and Viral Vids can trend to regional, national and global PinupsPresidential arena shows. This could be weekly or at least quarterly.

  • A new Colorways each quarter for education, economic development and entertainment with Renewal #transition between seasons. With reset #practice NewYearRenewal, Spring Renewal, Summer and Fall, residential mimics retail weaving methods with regularly scheduled cleaning and ordering. Commercial work places may also adopt to align themselves with these practices.

  • Annual one week #WishingWell retreat for health consultation, returning home with program plan to local doctor. Activity and #ActivityStation updates (usually 3 per working day) moved to citizen’s BeliefDNA dashboard calendar.

  • Ava’s Double D’s (discovery, design, develop, deliver) every 4 years (currently coinciding with PinupsPresidential’s U.S. presidential calendar) to allow free flow time for innovation as well as an organizing framework for harvesting completed work. 2019 is our #Development year.

Individual citizens, groups or brands can create and share activities and #activitystations for civilization building goals: for example, formatting for groups of 4 to make Korean meals together using specific products, mother and child formatting for a series of kitchen chemistry experiments to meet child’s education requirements and mom’s teaching certification, guy time for neighborhood maintenance projects that combine fellowship with fitness and community service. Scouting, education and coaching resources deploying new and existing content for optimized human experiences as long as formatting adheres to #GovernanceStandards like 3 #activitystations per day. BeliefDNA citizen dashboard automatically generates a proposed weekly schedule of activities for citizen>family>community with appropriate privacy, advising of potential conflicts and possible solutions.

My citizen has automatically suggested and scheduled time with:



sex partner


local community

affinity groups

health care providers and wellness practitioners


My citizen has:

enough stimulation to be mentally challenged

enough organization to feel secure, avoiding unnecessary chaos or stress

opportunity to interact with different age groups and categories by design

automatically scheduled childcare within walking distance of residence (24-7 safe place for kids)

a #LifeLongLearning approach where citizen has regularly scheduled experiences as a beginner, intermediate and expert

a range of modalities employed so citizens from different languages and cultures can interact fluidly apart from verbal communications- cooking, making music, sporting

streamlined, delivered, economically and ethically-sourced materials, pantry, laundered clothing

healthcare, wellness and fitness touchpoints with key brands and providers

optimized transportation- with more place-based livelihood pods in the home or within walking distance, commuting can be limited or eliminated and citizens working out of neighborhood will experience less traffic and faster arrival times. Ecological community benefits.

physical activity requirements met by design of #activitystations

face time with other citizens who have been matched for optimized experiences- professional, familial, sexual or romantic, friendship. Replacing screen time with optimized formatting for human experience (solitude, 2 people, 4 people, 8, 12) for mental wellness, mindbody wellbeing, physical fitness, development of skills and talent by education and #practice time for self-realization connected to community needs