Making Memes that Matter

The AVA2016 platform is built like legos. Grab a few and put them together any way you like to create the meme of your dreams. Post it, tag it & share it & we'll start connecting relevant opportunities in whole new exciting ways, changing governance on the DL along the way:) #StagingACoo 


A classic pinup by Alberto Vargas

A classic pinup by Alberto Vargas

#PinupsPresidential is our first #CampaignTrailRedesign creative theme. It's about making love not war: why can't governance be fun & engaging? Classic pinup images are cute & sexy but fairly innocent by today's standards.

Snow Bunny #DesignThinking for #MemesThatMatter regarding #DestinationSki #DestinationSnow locations ///Comedic sketches spoofing on: "It's crazy! Christmas in July. ///#PinupsPresidential & #PinupsPresidentialWorkout options with simple props////

AVA’s looking to work with you on fun #MemesThatMatter relating to our #CampaignTrailRedesign using movement, sketches & other engaging social content to explore issues affecting your community & promote your #SocialLab experiments in finding solutions. This #HXD work will be a part of project assignments I take on during Ava in Residence stays, along or combined with my painting and spiritual seeking practices.

Your meme can interpret the #PinupsPresidential creative theme any way you like, depending on your audience: your pinups don't have to be female, you can do coordinated sports demos, dance numbers, sketch comedy, art, tunes whatever. Your goal in producing #AVA2016 memes is to pitch your pod, project or experience to potential audiences, investors & sponsors and connect your project with sister projects across the U.S.A. and abroad using shared hashtags. The more compelling the #LocalFlavor and creativity going into your meme are, the more it will go viral. As your meme connects with others across the nation (& world) the more large corporate sponsors & big investment $ can find you.

Contrary to popular belief, the 1% aren't hoarding cash to be evil: no one with scads of cash wants it sitting around doing nothing any more than they want to see it being wasted on ineffective, over-bloated government programs. Peeps with money want their money to grow. With our connected #BrandUSA #PinupsPresidential memes, we're showing them where they can invest their loot responsibly. The more specific you can be about your audience: people group, orientation, geographic location, interest in a particular issue, etc. and the more relevant your specific points are to them, the more impact it can potentially have & the more viral it can become. Getting a connected AARP opportunity & coordinating it with say, a healthcare provider for seniors and a related government grant, is going to be different than getting a brand like Roxy or Quiksilver to pay attention to your project. 

As you imagine the project you're trying to build or problem you're trying to solve, keep these ideas in mind:

1: Identify the age groups that are going to be affected (see step 1 of #AVA2016's Messaging Matrix) The fewer age groups your project relates to, the more specific, for example, music choices for a video meme can be: Baby Boomers or millennials? If your dream project will affect all ages, you'll want to make more general choices that use language, #ModestyStandards, music etc. that would work at the Thanksgiving table with the rents. Common sense, really, but stuff we don't all necessarily think about unless we're pro marketers. 

2. Relate your pod or project to our shared #CampaignTrailRedesign hashtags, how it embodies a Preamble value or involves a theme regarding a specific industry or issue. Will your pod or project relate to a Sustainable Living Pod, like a #Stir location meeting some ongoing nutritional need in your community? Or does it have a beginning and an end, like a #SocialLab experiment designed to test out a few ideas about Ensuring Domestic Tranquility (like a #HitTheDojoBro martial arts initiative) that may or may not result in creating an ongoing pod or adding to a pods ecosystem? Sometimes #SocialLab experiments may be experiences like staging a #PinupsPresidential show or tour about a specific subject like our #Wellness theme. Some projects may result in new business opportunities that become #Recipes4Change, becoming pod planting templates, like finding new ways to #Finance small handcrafted furniture #Manufacturing.

3. Know Thy Audience: who is your meme targeting and what do you want them to so? See "Tiers." Ask yourself how much does your desired audience know about your issue & what action would you like them to take? At the "Small" tier, you may just be promoting your #Pride #PinupsPresidential show, wanting peeps to share with others who might attend. At a "Medium" level, your info will be deeper (still fun, ovvie, but you can use inside jokes that only someone in the industry or group would get: biology nerds or hip hop aficionados you may want to invest or connect you to a sponsor.

And of course, if you just want to join the #AVA2016 #PinupsPresidential party & celebrate others by contributing fun crazy memes just cuz (without a particular real world pod or project in mind) by all means, please do so! Just don't be surprised if somebody who *does* have a real world project going picks up on your digital genius & recruits you to join their effort. Spreading conscious awareness is a mighty good thing;0)


Who wants to play banker? #AVA2016 #PinupsPresidential leading #EconomicRedevelopment indecent proposals Parker Brothers #MidLife #SelfieTherapy

Posted by Pinups Presidential on Monday, April 27, 2015