The Conversation: Ethics

How Shall we Govern ourselves Ethically?

It all starts with an optimized citizen...

Know Thyself: 


Think of BeliefDNA like fuel: our digital DNA already (2017) includes a vast array of emotional, relational, financial, location, and genetic information. Think of BeliefDNA fuel as the digital soul's energetic potential, which is going to get more and more soulful over time, as our "digital selves" reflect what's happening in our physical world.

There are already many engine & vehicle manufacturers & there will be more: app makers who are and will continue to develop best ways to help us use our fuel/proprietary data. Standards will be developed like car dashboards: steering wheel here, gauges there. Dashboard app developers will have to maintain impeccable privacy and security trustmarks for the privilege of using our fuel. (Keeping definitions here as broad as possible to support universal adoption of the essential concepts.) 

Our BeliefDNA dashboards will help us identify & outline priorities for our lives as expressed through our "personas". We recognize that isn't inauthentic to express one part of yourself with friends or lovers and another part of yourself with parents or employers. It's in combination with others that we are expressed differently, like chemicals in our fuel's compound: there's a reason why we call it "relationship chemistry. Recognizing one's elemental self (BeliefDNA) & understanding how you will react with others is the basis for relationship compatibility software. Fueling statistically probable beneficial relationships is key to moving into greater abundance for all. 


Plots the Course: Wayfinding technologies, like #SocialLab experiments, will help us try out new ideas and seek new solutions, exploring the unknown. Connecting Personal Development, using aggregated information about my education & experiences, to find best life paths & meaningful connections.  


monitors the direction of the course you've plotted. It's a dynamic universe & there are currents, storms and other "weather" (social, environmental, political etc.) patterns affecting our intended outcomes. MoralCompass is the instrumentation for monitoring our courses: decision making. 


is your driver's license to all of your #HXD experiences (where digital meets your physical world, which is just about everywhere these days, the imperative driving our #DigitalCitizenship concern). Because of permissions and personas, its appearance will change depending on the context: the people, situation and currents affecting an experience (designed experiences will also have unique IDs). Designing relevant APIs for experiences serves as your outward-facing or "Live" identity.  

Know Thy Groups: 

The same basic instrumentation applies to groups using aggregated #BeliefDNA dashboard data from their members to identify & outline priorities. #moralcompass for decision making. #Wayfinder for seeking solutions, setting up #SocialLab experiments. #BeliefIDs to apply to experiences, products and related places. 

design relevant APIs and experiences for your group's Belief Identity:  conversations, #SocialLab experiments & #Sanctuary gatherings

Moral & Ethical, or Values-Based Governance

At its most essential, governance has always been about groups negotiating APIs. With technology, we can make this process more conscious, visible & visual. Far more powerful, yet with greater safety & control: like a performance vehicle. Hugging the curves to throw a little Pinups Presidential into this car commercial;)

This is ***How*** we can stop talking about ethics in government and start governing by ethics. 

Sharing Data

Sharing projects/project templates, social labs & pods ecosystems findings, looping relevant findings back to individual and group #BeliefDNA dashboard

Trending Solutions & Thought Leadership

We'll know via trending what the actual issues affecting governance are. 

Via Wayfinding technologies, we'll seek new solutions. 

Via Moral Compass, we'll see how and why decisions were made. Less blame, shame & argument in favor of more skillful navigation. 

Great leadership will trend. Relevant "election cycles" will emerge: some initiatives will need 25 year cycles to come to fruition, others will be decided in real time.