An iconic #BrandUSA image & economic development opportunity:

Inspired by MTV's “Pimp My Ride" reality show from back in the day: make hyper-local Memes That Matter re: one-of-a-kind, green auto body upcycling facilities, putting unemployed grads to work designing custom rides for local community service needs. #Stir Food and #Recipes4Change Laundry & Landscaping trucks with killer #Studio pod graphics & #TopStitch interiors.

Places like #BrandDetroit engaging with big auto sponsors to create #DestinationEducation #DestinationEngineering #PodsEcosystems to train peeps in neighborhoods surrounding manufacturing facilities & roll neighborhood renovations into “Campus" pods ecosystem business plans.

e.g. Tesla has a plant outside the Gangsta Paradise neighborhoods that inspired some of Ava's original thinking about our #CampaignTrailRedesign. Entertainment brand equity strongly associated with that place & *rolling* through the hood such a powerful image from that genre, makes it a natural fit. Compton also has train lines & yards that could be Destination Engineering opportunities.

Garage pods in single family #MakerPad s or shared living #RnB s can also host new bands and tech startups!

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