AVA2020 glossary of Terms

The tags & terms of AVA2020 platform that compose the Ava Narrative. Sustainable Living Pods make up Pods Ecosystems and Projects. 

Digital Citizenship

It all starts with an optimized citizen... 

  • #DigitalCitizenship will allow us redesign governance based on global pods standards, like the “home" button or “desktop" became universal digital metaphors. With #DigitalCitizenship, a nation is a large, geographically connected affinity group. 
  • #BeliefID: like a driver's license or passport to all of your citizen experiences. More, it is a unique digital ID for every person, place, thing & experience. BeliefIDs for inventions will streamline and protect individual citizen's IP, allowing for innovation to happen anywhere & for resources to follow inventors, funding sustainable living pods and pods ecosystem initiatives.
  • #Belief DNA our digital DNA is collected by a variety of organizations and is often aggregated for commercial purposes. It includes a vast array of sentiment, social, relational, financial, location, and genetic information. As citizens, we are asking for a view on our own data so we can transform governance to lead happy, healthy lives on a planet we share. 
  • #Viewfinder is our #BeliefDNA dashboard that will allow us to set the #MoralCompass (see below) when attempting to plot our course, making sound decisions for ourselves and the "groups" or "circles" we belong to.  
  • The #AvaReport : weather report type graphics to read rends impacting governance from citizen profile >#SocialWhiteHouse or other recognized leadership "home." For example, if you thought you might like to go from your home kitchen to the White House kitchen, you'd start by building your #Stir #PodsProgramming in your home based on #GovernanceStandards, then be able to follow a dynamic path from one Stir pod to the next, gathering professional skills and earning hours in public service along the way. Dynamic "weather" conditions (like economic supply and demand) "Your current fastest path to serving in the #SocialWhiteHouse is to become a #Pastry #chef. If, with each level of mastery completed, the #opportunities for pastry chefs become more attractive, many along the path will discover destinations they prefer- I set out to become a world class pastry chef & fell in love with Moscow or Miami instead. (Citizen is dynamic, Environment is Dynamic so successfully reaching a "goal" --practicing non-attachment--makes the meeting of the happiest, healthiest version of said goal fluid and dynamic as well. No, you're not being flaky, pastry chef, when you set out on a path & respond dynamically to the factors that make you truly happy & of service to civilization. 

See Digital Citizenship How Shall We Govern Ourselves Ethically? for additional explanation. 

Human Experience Design 

Design to human scale (individual profile) based on what we share vs. what divides us, including cuisine, yoga & music as ways of living happy, healthy lives. 

  • #HXD Human Experience Design: the emerging design field of a BeliefDNA-empowered digital citizen developing beneficial real world experiences built to human scale which necessarily considers our interdependence with all life on the planet. See Human Experience Design for more. 
  • #Wayfinders take general principles and work with them in the field, reporting back on learning in order to shape trending thought & best leadership practices. See What is a Wayfinder? for details.
  • #MoralCompass: helps citizens navigate how to actually govern by ethics or digitally-tracked personal values. See What is the Moral Compass? for details.
  • #BreakItDown Breaking down large bodies of thought or information for the purpose of analyzing or segmenting it into smaller components for more flexible, agile or relevant wayfinding or design work. 


What activity do you do that when fully engaged, you lose all track of time? You look up and 3 hours have mysteriously passed or you're in an infinity of detail and realize it's only been 3 minutes? Dancing, sporting, writing code: what gets you "in the zone?" What would happen (in light of technologies that can organize so efficiently around us) if every citizen did that? Here are some terms Ava uses to describe and contextualize MindfulMaking: 

  • #DesignThinking Sharing approaches or thoughts about how stuff is made. #PinupsPresidential values design that promotes ethical frameworks of human governance on a planet we share with other creatures and stunning natural resources. #SustainableLivingPods & #PodsEcosystems streamlining #MaterialsManagement via brand thinking for an optimized #CitizenExperience.
  • #NeighborhoodStyleGuide based on #LocalFlavor are the consistent styling elements of a place or group, influenced by elements such as the people, culture, geography, agriculture, weather and history. Magazines and Television shows have consistent elements. 
  • CivicArt Collections: a curated group of civicart assets, permanent art collections, open projects & related podsprogramming. 
  • Colorways are the dynamic or seasonal style conversations that direct our attention in an orchestrated way to notice design elements like color, form, styling and sound so we refresh our surroundings and mindfully consider additions and edits in an ongoing fashion. Colorways are like editorial content to a magazine or episodes to a television serial. I've jokingly renamed the CIA Collective Intentional Awareness, as directing human consciousness is now both a carrot and stick imperative & opportunity. 
  • #LiveDesigning Posting work-in-progress for previewing or constructive feedback. Some people crowdsource as they design live, some people are livedesigning because they are understaffed or lack essential resources and can't post refined work without help.  
  • #Versioning Modifying live projects. Apps, Software and Sites are an example of projects that are live while changes and upgrades happen continuously.  
  • #SustainableLivingPods: Standards for Economic Redevelopment based on what all human beings need to be happy & healthy on a planet we share. Composed foundational inventory checklist for the #AVA2020 platform. See Pods & Pods Ecosystems page for details. 
  • #PodsEcosystems: Clusters of Sustainable Living Pods See Pods & Pods Ecosystems page for details. 
  • #SocialLab/s are opt in social experiments run by citizens in sustainable living solutions
  • #RunTheNumbers: How are we going to pay for this? See Run The Numbers for details. 
  • #LocalFlavor: How will we execute pods standards with local character & flair? See Local Flavor for details. 


Platform inventory parameters:

See platform for expanded definitions.  

  • #AgeGroups : identifying specifics relating to taking inventory by citizens age. #Youth (#247SafePlace) #ReproductiveAge #Midlife #Classic
  • #BasicNeeds relate to specific #SustainableLivingPod names. 
  • #PodMods are variations on the basic pod requirement. A #Stir pod would be required for disaster relief. In non-disaster mode, a #Stir pod>>#Pastry could be culinary arts training or #Stir pod>>#AllUpInMyGrill could serve foods next to #Garage pods. Regardless of variations, every #Stir pod would be required to revert to disaster relief for a pre-planned area or population in case of need. 
  • #Recipes4Change are  “Out of the Box" Livelihood #PodMods & programming #Garage, #Salon and #Studio pods 
  • #Sanctuary: local gathering place for live ethics programming
  • #Preamble Values:  #EstablishJustice #DomesticTranquility #CommonDefense #GeneralWelfare #BlessingsOfLiberty
    • #Justice, #SocialEquality, #IncomeRedistribution 
    • #Tranquility or #Peace including #MindBody, #Sanitation as a collective mental wellness concept
    • #GeneralWelfare or #WishingWell (since welfare often refers to other ideas) including #MindBody, #PinupsPresidentialWorkout
    • #CommonDefense or #Defense (with related #HitTheDojoBro pods programming)
    • #Blessings (with related #FridayChill pods programming)
  • #Themes are trending leadership categories. Initial ones are outlined here. 
  • #BWrought2Tiers: Transforming #BoringButImportant conversations about doing civil life together by segmenting sharable, social messages via trended thematic concerns, broken down by stakeholder/audience/expertise levels #BWrought2Tiers (Channel Marketing) Our goal is to create an informed, engaged citizen. 
  • #MemesThatMatter: are sharable bite-sized social messaging morsels, like short videos or graphics, on subjects relevant to our trending governance concerns. Memes that Matter ideally include a call-to-action for the target citizen to get engaged or further informed about the matter. Our creative theme is gangsta meets showgirl/pinup (#PinupsPresidential) until the election, when we'll trend creative themes for the next 4 year cycle. 
  • #HitTheDojoBro Studies in courage, service & self-defense. Martial Arts. Warrior's Calm, Focus, Strength. #DesignThinking for 1st Responders including Law Enforcement, Community involvement to assure Police Accountability, Nonviolent demonstration, civil disobedience

Pinups Presidential & The Ava Shows

Presidential Illumination

  • #AVA2020's creative theme: Illuminated Presidency. As of November 2017, we have completed year one of four #Discovery phase on this & will be designing, developing & delivering in years 2,3 & 4. PinupsPresidential: #AVA2020 is a social campaign based upon connecting citizens who wish to discover & offer their best gifts for the benefit of an interdependent, connected global civilization. I paint, seek & design: so anything else required to get me to an executive position in a building like the White House would have to be handled by other humans or machine technologies: we would have to #Wayfind that path. I still think "We can do it!" (but I certainly can't alone or by not developing my unique giftedness to the best of my ability in a society that doesn't value painters the way it might financial services professionals.)
  • #GoingGangsta on #SocialChange was our first #CampaignTrailRedesign creative theme for #Ava2016's entertaining, satirical promotion & "excuse" for #MissAppropriating poorly used political monies to actually get stuff done.  See: Why The Ava Narrative for deets. 
  • A clear Citizen's path from your #PodsEcosystem's #LocalWhiteHouse to > the #SocialWhiteHouse  Borrowing tech language to create a streamlined “user interface" or “user experience" for governance, called Human Experience Design or #HXD, which necessarily considers our interdependence with all life on the planet. When we go to a big brand's homepage (like Starbucks, Target or Best Buy) we don't get lost when we drill down to an individual location. Corporations have spent huge amounts of money on #DesignThinking to make sure we don't get lost & click away. We can use the same kind of expertise when redesigning #BrandUSA. Pods standards Details about Ava's Shows.

See creative concepts for the #SocialWhiteHouse here.