The Call To Action? Join the Fun!

A Call to Action (CTA) is a marketing term which connects content to a desired action or actions by its targeted readers. We'll be working on updating our CTAs on our materials throughout the campaign: like many lean startup organizations, #AVA2016 has much to do. Believe it or not, crafting thoughtful, strategic, linked CTAs takes almost as much time as the content development itself & as soon as our staff grows, this will move more quickly. The content written below is more long-hand marketing strategy explanation for true CTA web designers (the gifts of one-glance brevity & A/B ingenuity are not hers:)  

In the meantime, here goes: 




to stay updated, we'll have a series of regular communications going out as the campaign rolls along. As of October 2015, updates are going out on TwitterFacebook, Instagram and Pinterest. You can also follow Ava's lead #HXD designer, Kelley Padrick's Twitter feed for *some* of the #DesignThinking behind Ava's star-studded campaign. Ava's also looking for partners in key areas. Know somebody looking for some entertaining, relevant social media in the following industries?  Hook her up! 


Ava is moving from town to town & prefers finding non-lobbyist monies to do so. 


Invite Ava to your hood! On the 2nd leg of her tour, we're promoting the Ava-in-Residence concept as a stage dive/object lesson: what would it take to provide a qualified, experienced person interested in helping you out with your community initiatives, the same food/clothing/shelter/healthcare/sanitation we're campaigning for? (Wifi is handy, but she's been hitting up Starbucks wherever she's been in offline situations on the 1st leg of her tour.) As you start to reflect on your hood's approach to #NeighborhoodHospitality, you'll be surprised to discover just how unconsciously inhospitable our country can be to qualified people who would willingly move from fun project to fun project if we made it easy for them to do so.  Ava can stay wherever you'd like to highlight a civic project: in a historic entertainment district, a forgotten American main street, a transportation hub under consideration for renovation (she can help you vision/concept the project & collaborate with locals on fabulously fun social media pitches to potential investors & sponsors! She's a half-way decent painter too:), so murals or signage projects are welcomed as well.) Small scale sports venues, like historic ballparks are awesome!: she's prepared to camp out wherever. There are (unfortunately) lots of vacant community gathering spaces, like empty churches & temples, from where she could set up her painting studio & prototype #Sanctuary gatherings. Library & bank buildings needing relevant transformations. Your imagination + Ava's help= real social & civic change. Email her at