The Conversation: MakerPad and RnB Outreach

Really enjoyed #civic #rockstar Opal Hellweg & talented team's Aging Care presentation @miasmama57 #riverside #county!

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June 27, 2017

Professional Letter Formatting instruction can go here. My email below. 

Opal Hellweg

Legislative Assistant of Chuck Washington's Office

Riverside County Supervisor

Third District

Dear Opal, 

I am writing to thank you for your wonderfully informative and entertaining presentation in Idyllwild a few weeks ago. I am working on a prototype called PaintersHouse which explores sacred and secular painting, crafting and unique yoga practices. Upon hearing your talk, there are three ways I thought we might be able to connect with programming grant funding in order to serve your constituency: devotional and showgirl/burlesque pinupspresidentialworkouts and crafting as well as Ava’s Halfway Decent food preparations from our learning kitchen. Our goal is to support life long learning and fun: the halfway decent standard makes trying new things not so intimidating. 

Ava’s bump and grind is great for aching joints and is mostly just silly fun. But it gets the body moving and promotes lots of laughs- a wonderful solution for those suffering from mild depressive symptoms. We are also working on Civic Art collections for free community props rental that can be checked in or out like at a library. 

Please have a look at and to see if there are any ways we might be able to serve. 

With gratitude, 

Kelley Padrick

Doing Business as World Renown Showgirl D’Ava Gardener



My #Wayfinder #ProjectConcierge goal is to connect our #PaintersHouse branded #ActivityStations to people, programs and sponsors that can help support our efforts. Like many small towns, there are different yoga and bodywork instructors who could lead #MindfulMovement activities (so when I move to my next project, as a #MobileWayfinder, I'm leaving a trail of opportunity for the place-based ones here: not everyone wants to travel full time, but as a #Midlife empty-nester, I'm looking forward to doing what I couldn't when the kids were little. I'd still like a place to return to, knowing I'll be woven back into the activities upon my return.) 

Idyllwild talent show: a modular format appropriate for #memesthatmatter #pinupspresidential shows.

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DISCOVERY: Inquiry to various entities. How could we fund what we're doing?

DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT: How can we associate what we're doing to the requirements of the sponsoring organization? How can the MakerPad fulfill the requests, not just today but in the long term? What would that entail? (#PodsProgramming for #Recipes4Change Livelihood pods: like corporate training manuals as a company turns over staff, or military redeploys or reassigns #PodsEcosystems are liberating innovation at the #CitizenExperience, home level) 

DELIVERY: Project Concierge & MakerResident Personal Development level: What part of this work do I personally want to do? Who's here now to get the process started, while maintaining commitment to personal citizen #Studio practice?

2014-2016 Outreach

There are two starter templates for outreach on this page. The first is to a prospective #MakerPad resident. It's long for an email but short and conversational as a contract. We'll want to develop and share improvements on these as #PodsEcosystems evolve. As #BeliefID technology improves, many of these conversations can be streamlined as we'll be matched up with live/work partners (morning person, clean freak etc.) automatically. Until then, we have to do the roll-our-sleeves up #HXD work to design our #SocialWhiteHouse Social Graces. #BreakItDown #DesignThinking comments in quotes inline. 


_______, 2016

Hello (Prospective Resident's Name) , 

Thank you so much for coming by my MakerPad, the Painters House, at ______ Idyllwild, CA 92549 and for inviting me to your naturopathic practitioner’s space in town. I enjoyed meeting you and learned much from our delightful conversation. I am looking forward to getting to know you better. 

Social Graces & Sales Training Standards : Talk About What She Wants & Needs First Before Launching Into The Offering. That Way There’s No Hard Selling Required: You’re Framing It Up From Her POV So The Benefits Are Apparent To Her.

As we discussed, you have several needs along with many things to contribute to our home. First, you’d like a bedroom and bath for your personal use along with shared kitchen access. In addition, you need a space to meet clients for your naturopathic and tutoring services. You have experience and interest in quilting and fabric work along with a desire to move your sewing machines, books and materials out of a paid storage facility into a working environment. 

I believe the Painters House MakerPad might be a wonderful solution for you. 

Watch the fancy lingo: nobody cares about your unique vocabulary unless it’s personally relevant to them. But I’ve got to get her through the MakerPad concept to distinguish it from a standard property rental.


What is a MakerPad?

MakerPads are single family residences designed for makers of #socialchange. From artisans and writers to chefs, healers and educators, MakerPad residents are hand-makers who care deeply about their craft and flourish in environments designed for their practice. The Painter’s House is a prototype-in-progress ( and features a spacious visual arts studio, a variety of quiet nooks and workspaces along with a separate multi-purpose garage.


I’m engaged in a lot of project types due to the vast impact of governance design, but I stay mindful of my big picture purpose: the #SocialWhiteHouse means you, #DigitalCitizen, matter. This is the essence of the Ava In Residence model. So my letter used a calligraphic cursive like you might find on a fancy paper invitation.


You are cordially invited to become a part of our community and project. 

All maker pads will be composed of basic Sustainable Living Pods : food, clothing, shelter, healthcare & sanitation. The Painters House prototype aspires to offer all of these services, but is currently operating as a standard vacation rental offsetting partial rent to makers interested in developing a functional area of the home. It can most readily accommodate Age Groups from 5 and up, but is not wheelchair accessible. 

Here I’m highlighting the #LocalFlavor benefits for both the house & its surrounding community: intelligently populated (curated, cultivated) MakerPad & RnBs positively impact property values & the surrounding economic ecosystem, contributing to a unique placed-based social conversation that enhances residents’ values vs. generic, locust-style tourism.

Each MakerPad residence will have a specific focus and incorporate elements of the Local Flavor into its workflow and decor. The Painters House is an artists retreat nestled in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild, CA. Its easygoing layout and furnishings not only accommodate painting and crafting in every room, but the occasional paint splatter actually enhances the personality and decor of the home: aside from wanton rockstar destruction, feel free to be worry-free here. The small village of Idyllwild is within walking distance as are trailheads and camping. The Idyllwild Arts Academy is also within walking distance and frequently features world-class musical, dance and visual arts performances that local residents can attend free of charge. 

Beyond the basic pods in every MakerPad, the Painters House features a few #Recipes4Change, or livelihood pods, providing maker-residents with unique live/work opportunities. The Painter’s House features & aspires to feature (in italic): 

#Studio Pod: mindful making, painting, crafting, fabric work and quilting, ceramics, jewelry, holistic healing and education (this list will evolve)

#Garage Pod: Ava’s Barely Homemade Garage Sale (a retail set-up), Garage Band, Bike Shop, Mechanics shop

Prospective Resident’s (Name Here) Unique Opportunity

As with many #MidLife and #Classic people with grown children, living situations can get complicated and spread out. Your husband lives in _____, while you and your son are temporarily sharing another space in ______. In addition, you pay for a separate office space and an additional storage unit. 

Living at the Painters House could simplify this. (My offer was not only competitive with rental home rates in the area, it proposed a streamlined way to consolidate her payments for her various space requirements.)  

I suggest we begin with a _ week discovery phase where we live and work together while developing a design for Painter House’s Fabric work and Quilting and Holistic Healing #Studio Pods Programming. Essentially you’ll be living and working in the home and designing how various practitioners might use the spaces after you depart. Contributing above and beyond your ___ hour a month commitment is up to you: since my living and being is so closely aligned with my making practices, I rarely notice the time I spend. We’ll observe how you’re impacted by our environment here. 

We’ll want to schedule initial meeting times and outline a process that is mutually agreeable as our first deliverable. From those initial meetings we’ll develop a project plan with milestones so we can track progress. Should we be mutually encouraged by our work, we can expand our commitment to include ___________ (spiff: a reward of value to the prospective resident). If we decide we’re not compatible as housemates or designers, our contract will simply revert into a standard, short-term vacation rental arrangement for 3 months. Based upon local rents, I am proposing: 

Use of guest room bedroom and bath, shared kitchen access with separate entry to front porch and living room space: $___ a month with a ___ hour commitment to #Pods Programming design.  (Or $___ for the rental, less $___ for your live/work contribution.) If we decide not to proceed with the design work, you’ll have the option to simply rent the space month to month should we be compatible as roommates. Rent for the month is due in advance, last day of the month prior. Water, electricity and internet access are currently being provided.

After our _ week discovery phase, we can add Garage Rental for an additional $___. 

You understand that the Painters House MakerPad is a working prototype and is being offered in its humble, “as is” condition: for the most part if its broke, we fix it or live with it. I am currently and will continue to live out of the Master Bedroom, Bath and Studio areas: I’ll primarily use the kitchen door to access my living space and you will use the front porch entry. We’ll use the discovery phase as a time to define (& hopefully enjoy) kitchen & cleaning duties. It is also possible that I may do a studio swap with other artists somewhere else during the summer: how we accommodate guests after our __ week discovery will be a part of our design conversation. 

Please let me know how you feel about my proposed living arrangement along with whatever questions or suggested modifications you might have. I’ll need your full contact information so we can finalize this conversation. 


Kindest Regards, 

Kelley Padrick


d.b.a. D’Ava Gardener, Presidential Hopeful




Realtor & Property Manager Outreach

Hi Tiffany. Thanks for coming by to see my home yesterday.

Wanted to share an instagram with initial messaging about the house I am developing (and promoting online) by section of activity, called #SustainableLivingPods. I would love to chat with you and your investor/home remodel experts about this approach, perhaps even using this home as a prototype should they be interested.

The idea is develop programming standards around the basic activities that happen in every home: providing food, clothing, shelter, healthcare & sanitation. To these standards, adding livelihood live/work pods, called #Recipes4Change, would create out-of-the-box income generation, appropriate to the home itself & surrounding community.

As a 15 year resident & professional, savvy lady, I'd also enjoy grabbing a coffee or drink in town sometime if you like. Ironically, I've been so busy working on this social campaign, I've barely reached out socially myself!

Wishing you well on your day off.
Kelley Padrick

d.b.a. D’Ava Gardener
(619) 431-1153