The Conversation: Mindful Movement

Mantra: A Prosperous Digital Citizenry Starts With An Optimized Citizen.

Mindful movement is not about being a jock, supermodel or yogi twisted into pretzel knots, though more power to you if that's your thing. For the rest of us, weaving movement into the natural flow of our days can increase stamina and an overall sense of well-being and decrease stress. #SacredSexy & #PinupsPresidentialWorkouts can help light the sacred mojo fire while live/work #PodsEcosystems designed for walkable areas between pods and hands on building and making takes our eyes off the screen for long enough to swing a hammer or paint a mural outside. 

Making #MemesThatMatter about issues in your community with the #PinupsPresidential #GoingGangster on #SocialChange theme is also designed to create a mindful Mind/Body connection.