Preface: What is Versioning?

Pinups Presidential & the AVA2020 platform it is promoting, a live, versioning project that promotes #governancestandards to serve as a consistent interface from our homes to any symbolic leadership house (#SocialWhiteHouse). 



What do consciousness, technology and governance have in common? Everything if we want to streamline governance around the lives we truly want to lead. Technology has changed everything, and yet programming for governance has not rid itself of legacy thinking in certain key areas. Take a family of four with two working parents, for instance. Each adult interacts with different systems of governance at work and both kids have school, after school activities & childcare, all with different ways of organizing time, resources & activities. Add a consumer culture that bombards all four with incessant brand value messaging , and our homes become saturated with value conflicts. This can lead to stress, arguments and unhappiness.

Without a conscious awareness of what's happening with our digital footprints, old approaches to governance leave many pressing issues, especially those involving ethics (so called "family values" by politicians) and our digital and even genetic rights as citizens, open by default to decision by non-elected entities. We can no longer navigate our worlds without our "digital selves,"so it is imperative we own our information so that it is not misused.*** 

There are tremendous opportunities to connect in new and meaningful ways, solving problems that legacy governance approaches couldn't while introducing new #lifelonglearning experiences using economic development as the connector & motivator.

Our individual profiles need to evolve into a single manageable entity for us to harness this power. Belief ID will allow us to set security & engagement permissions from one central, secure place. It will consolidate data about our online behaviors, information now currently and usually unbeknownst to us, aggregated by a variety of corporate and government entities. A single Belief ID will provide digital citizens with rights on how that information is used and accessed. 

Once we own the composite picture of our digital selves, connecting dashboard technologies developed by trusted brands in self-development will help us maximize our real world interactions. True change in governance begins with an optimized citizen. Why shouldn't my "Best Self" work done through sites like Oprah or Strengthfinders be the filter through which I engage civilization, becoming informed, voting and contributing from my category of thought leadership?

The better we understand ourselves, the more useful compatibility technologies become. Comprehending a bit more about human consciousness (what we pay attention to) and self-development becomes the driver to maximized professional and personal engagement: moving from individual>to neighborhood>to region>to nation>to world in relevant, trending ways. 


**Like me, anyone who has ever suffered internet bullying, online hacking or identity theft--I was targeted for all three--can attest that there is little or no legal recourse; once you are terrorized online, your professional, financial and social life, sense of personal safety and even health is threatened. This is simply unacceptable lawlessness. It was because of this experience that I began designing the #AVA2016 platform which I am continuing with #AVA2020.  I currently have no mobile service. 


I. As We See, So We Shall Be:

As digital citizens, we'll be in charge of what we pay attention to.

II. A Live Design Process 

For Governance with Versioning like Tech

III. The AVA2020 Platform

Facilitating conversations and illustrations in governance, organized by: 

A. Age Groups

  • Youth: Children are citizens too & need safety, security and representation. The opportunity cost for not streamlining the cultivation of our youngest citizens is enormous. Ava proposes we designate a 24-7 safe place for kids within walking distance of every elementary school child (if not the elementary school building itself) so that harried parents can be freed from overwhelming childcare costs and pursue employment & degrees without worrying that their kids are ok. Vetted childcare professionals using professional observation skills can assist with identifying kids needs from the earliest of ages & #BeliefID will port their insights into tailored educational and social paths of engagement. 
  • Reproductive Age with and without kids
  • Midlife with and without kids
  • Classic (Seniors)

B. Basic Human Needs & Sustainable Living Pods/Pods Ecosystems. Pods are proposed standards for organizing economic development and governance. Like Legos they can be connected into Pods Ecosystems, Projects and #SocialLab experiments. Initially they serve as a way to take a consistent inventory in our hoods to ascertain whether basic human needs are or are not being met. By sharing our results, we'll know which programs are working and which ones are falling short or are missing altogether. With technology, the best consolidated & streamlined programming will seek the citizen, not the other way around. 

1. Basic Human Need Pods

2. Sacred & Secular formatting for place-based values gatherings. Is nothing sacred? Let's find out. In a globally-connected citizenship, what should be non-negotiable provision (Ava suggests food, clothing, shelter, healthcare & sanitation, and what those things imply as conversation starters). Since what we value (remember every purchase equals a value decision) drives the digital technologies that run the world, it's important we understand what those values are. Ethics/Social Conversation Pods

  • Sanctuary (Sacred) to educate & inspire, developing our #MoralCompass from individual to neighborhood to region>state>nation>world in order to create a social governance according to our evolving & improving ethical understanding.  Sanctuary programming including #ShowNTell Sex Education for various age groups. #SacredSexy & #PinupsPresidentialWorkout. #DealWithIt: how we’re going to get through the rough stuff. See related: How Shall We Govern Ourselves Ethically?
  • PinupsPresidential (Secular): entertaining variety gatherings composed of citizen-created #MemesThatMatter about any governance topic affecting a community. 
  • Hit The Dojo Bro: A gym/fitness studio, facility focused program for self-defense & the martial arts where citizens can engage in values discussions about neighborhood security & participate with people in law enforcement in exercise & training design to reinforce those values & imagine new solutions. 

3. Livelihood Pods

  • Studio (Maker Studios of all kinds, yoga/movement, design)
  • Garage (Mechanical, Startup, Band)
  • Salon & more

4. Pods Ecosystem & Projects: By assembling pods, in your own #LocalFlavor into unique place opportunities as defined by a #NeighborhoodStyleGuide, we can outline "how you roll in your hood" business plans, social lab experiments & other opportunities keeping our places "real" while we connect with big grid (government & biz) efficiencies. 

C. Themes & Tiers #BWrought2Tiers: Beyond the basics, not every community has the same concerns. Regions, weather impacts, classified technologies and populations have a variety of very specific concerns and security needs.  #governancestandards on the stuff we share empowers more efficient specializations in these areas & more.  

IV. Conversations: PodsProgramming, Memes That Matter, Colorways 

The Belief DNA Blog

A. The #BoringButImportant Phenomenon in the Age of Distraction

Using entertainment formats to engage and educate. #PinupsPresidential has been designed to host civilized conversation about governing ourselves by using formatting we'll pay attention to. It endeavors to unpack our media experience as it relates to politics & governance.

By designing governance around the lives we truly want to lead, we can engage with/interface through self-development & coaching resources to guide us: e.g. Oprah, Brene Brown, Hay House, Rick Warren, Marcus Buckingham, Covey. These trusted sources, and their evolving content & digital properties can become Belief DNA dashboard providers. "Dashboard" can mean many things in today's technologies: as citizens we'll want ongoing education about this. 

1. Memes That Matter Using #PinupsPresidential social, viral meme/video fun in order to explain important issues to non-experts. By adopting #BWrought2Tiers messaging standards, we can intentionally develop short bits of quickly digestible information in order to create a more consistently informed constituency.  

2. The Proposed Ava Shows

  • Social White House
  • The Ava Report
  • Lobbyists

3. Gaming

4. Entertainment as Human Experience Design (#HXD) User Interface


B. Ongoing List go Topics for Trended Social Conversation, Thought Leadership & Innovation

  • MakerNation 
  • 247 Safe Place
  • Mind Body: Civilization from The Inside-Out
  • She Blinded Me With Science: The Social Lab
  • Hospitality: The Case for Social Graces
  • Relationship Compatibility: has been the central idea for the entire campaign & is still on the homepage. Using technology to know ourselves better (the same way marketers & others study our aggregated data for insight) in order to connect with each other & our environments in more meaningful, satisfying & profitable ways. Thanks to technology, all relationships should be "opt in" ones: financial or legacy societal pressures shouldn't trap citizens in jobs or living arrangements they dislike or are ill-suited to their skill set. Empowerment means being able to choose from a variety of attractive options at all times: you want to head off the rain forest to study plants for 3 months? Go. The kids are fine. Your livelihood pod will redraw & invite a citizen replacement in your absence who will maintain or move some aspect of your "home" situation forward while you're away in the "field". 

Our Relationship with Ourselves: We *like* what we like: leveraging tech tracking to form affinity groups in order to connect people to economic development & #SocialChange opportunities based upon shared interests.

Our Relationships with Others

Romantic/Sexual Relationships

Friends/Social Groups

Parents and Kids, Parents with their parents etc. 

Professional relationships: ongoing and project-based

 Our Relationships As Citizens

Belief DNA as foundation for #DigitalCitizenship

Pinups Presidential Home

Belief DNA PDF

  • Culturally Aware & Globally Connected
  • Life Long Learning

An Homage to the "Easy A" Some of the skills that make us happiest in life get overlooked (& under-funded) as "soft" vs. hard academics. 

A quick model (posted to Pinterest, FB & on the blog) for Life Long Learning that would allow people in transition to move in and out of Pods Ecosystems for training. 

24-7 Safe Place for kids using #BeliefID


V.  Run The Numbers

Rethinking social currencies & meaningful, streamlined exchanges: writing on the wall for paper money. #ThoughtLeadership & #EmotionalCurrency

Why don’t we have enough money to do what we want to do? 

Because we’re spending it on walls and borders, police and military forces, and huge, exploitable government programs. Typical political conversations rally around topics like raising the minimum wage and making a stronger middle class, but we don’t have streamlined, high tech systems to more efficiently get the resources to the innovators that need them. (#SocialEquality #IncomeRedistribution) 

Actionable Conversation about Value Exchange & Compensation Models

What experiences do we really want? I want to drive a jeep or truck in certain regions, a smart car in another and a luxury automobile in others. I want mountain clothes in the mountains, coastal clothes on the coast, sleek city garb when I'm in town. Deploying place-based brands based on values means we'll get the best stuff for the lowest cost with the least hassle. 

  1. Model to support lifelong learning & fluidity between for profit and #SustainableLivingPods #RunTheNumbers
  2. Using Legos to Understand Sustainable Living Pods from #AVA2016's Platform
  3. #AVA2020's "Intense" Inauguration campout goal (ported from 2016 campaign): Human Scale design focused on basic human needs. #RunTheNumbers: Disaster Preparedness 
  4. AVA2020's platform based upon #HXD principles (ported from 2016 campaign): focusing on what we share vs. what we don't share as human beings
  5. The Moral Compass: how we'll host civilized conversations using #SocialLab experiments to gather real data to more accurately determine right from wrong/ or support ethical decision making in a complex, interconnected multicultural world.
  6. Economic Pods Ecosystems
  7. The Social White House trends the same #SustainableLivingPods as the local #MakerPad and #RnB properties/neighborhoods we work on. The formality, style etc. changes per #NeighborhoodStyleGuide & #LocalFlavor standards, but human needs are human needs wherever you are.
  8. New Models for Compensation
  9. Identifying what is Healthy, both for people and people systems (Maybe this reads like body temperature w/a thermometer?) 
  10. #Recipes4Change are templates for livelihood pods that will help financially support or sustain pods ecosystems. A kind of "just add water" approach to economic development, especially for challenged neighborhoods
  11. Pods Ecosystems using CorrectionsHospitality example
  12. Raising minimum wage vs. buying in bulk Healthy, happy hipsters who don’t remember a Cold War world know socialism as merely “A Costco Run”
  13. Competing for Emotional & Thought-Leadership currency (#InspiredBy @SimsCity)