We're weaving a illustration #Colorways through #PaintersHouse #Idyllwild for #Painting & #Ink.

We're weaving a illustration #Colorways through #PaintersHouse #Idyllwild for #Painting & #Ink.

PaintersHouse: A MakerPad Prototype

With a technology “home” premise, PaintersHouse is to PinupsPresidential what the White House should be to the President. In the United States, the White House is our corporate home and our citizen’s home should relate to it in some comprehensible way. A Soccer House, Harley House or any other home requires solutions for food, clothing, shelter, healthcare and sanitation. It caters to age groups and gender. (See Ava’s platform for more on these standards.) Adopting #design standards will facilitate mass customization, not cookie cutter places, better experiences, sustainability, flexible housing, education and job opportunities.

PaintersHouse creates #Civic #Context for #Painting.

We create civic art collections so citizens can join a creative process in progress whether they are professional or aspiring painters or not. Painting is a universal modality, like kicking a ball. Here we block off unfettered & unworried time to mill about prepared activitystations for #CivicArt #Collections we’re create. Creating a series of luxury PaintersHouse #residential #experience(s), we can attract executive leadership to our communities and connect them along a #CampaignTrailRedesign. Our model can be applied to other universal modalities like running, hiking, electronics, cooking, dancing and music.

Contact Kelley Brown Padrick to schedule a walk-through

53205 Tollgate Rd. po box 474 Idyllwild CA 92549

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Initial #DesignThinking

In some ways, PaintersHouse is like a traditional fashion house or salon, developing bodies of work in #Colorways seasons. I am in startup mode, having developed our initial body of work over the past several years. Our artists will curate relevant social conversations about the mind-body maker practices we explore and invent. As such, our client brands will enjoy a steady stream of active content marketing while a steady roster of artists play with their elements in unanticipated place-based ways. 

PaintersHouse Civic Design Prototypes

Welcome to PaintersHouse

PaintersHouse is a Sustainable Living Pods prototype home that features a spacious visual arts studio, a variety of quiet nooks and workspaces along with a separate multi-purpose garage.

You are cordially invited to become a part of our community and project. 

All MakerPads and their multi-unit counterparts, #RnB: Room & Board (with a nod to #BrandUSA Rhythm & Blues:), are composed of Sustainable Living Pods : as a baseline, considering the human requirements of food, clothing, shelter, healthcare & sanitation. The Painters House prototype aspires to offer all of these services, but is currently operating as a standard vacation rental offsetting rent to makers interested in developing a functional area of the home.

Each MakerPad residence has a specific focus and incorporates elements of the Local Flavor into its workflow and decor. The Painters House is an artists retreat nestled in the beautiful mountains of Idyllwild, CA. Its easygoing layout and furnishings not only accommodate painting and crafting in every room, the occasional paint splatter actually enhances the personality and decor of the home. Aside from wanton rockstar destruction, feel free to be worry-free here. The small village of Idyllwild is within walking distance as are trailheads and camping. The Idyllwild Arts Academy is also within walking distance and frequently features world-class musical, dance and visual arts performances local residents can attend free of charge. 

Beyond the basic pods in every MakerPad, the Painters House features a few #Recipes4Change, or livelihood pods, providing maker-residents with unique live/work opportunities. The Painter’s House features & aspires to feature (in italics): 

#Studio Pod: mindful making, painting, crafting, fabric work and quilting, ceramics, jewelry, holistic healing and education (this list will evolve)

#Garage Pod: Ava’s Barely Homemade Garage Sale (a retail set-up), Garage Band, Bike Shop, Mechanics shop