The Conversation: Pinups Presidential Workout

Mantra: A Prosperous Digital Citizenry Starts With An Optimized Citizen.

While Mindful movement can be incorporated into all of our pods ecosystems designsfrom walkable places to handywork opportunities swinging hammershaving a renewable participatory creative theme every 4 years, like our current #GoingGangsta on #SocialChange Pinups Presidential theme, will permit existing studio classes & gym environments to become centers for social change. Instead of trying to add community service or political activism as yet another activity in our already over-scheduled lives, connecting anything from yoga to water aerobics to marching bands, with fun #MemesThatMatter playlists, workout programs designed by coaches, trainers and instructors, costumes & props and a variety of sharable digital content will help to transform governance from the inside out. Fitness businesses will benefit from the promotions & we'll benefit from better health, community and friendship, finally having a reason to know the name of that person you're sweating by, since you already have several things in common.

Thanks for coming to class everybody! If you're interested in finding out more about what we just did..."