The Ava 2020 Platform

#AVA2020 is redesigning governance by illuminating the values driving the many technologies affecting our #CitizenExperience. We’re promoting #GovernanceStandards based on what we share vs. what divides us, both as human beings in relationship to one another and as nations. How shall we govern ourselves ethically on a planet we share? The platform considers:

  • Food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, sanitation, with a path for sustainable economic growth, #LifeLongLearning and fun. With a focus culture & education, Food becomes culinary arts, Clothing becomes fashion, Shelter initiatives in architecture, interior design and civic planning. Healthcare becomes a much more relevant conversation about holistic health and well-being, Sanitation about what moves in and out of our #experience, where physical sanitation expands into conversation about materials management, even processing life emotionally and being able to live with clear conscience by #design.

  • Sacred, secular, political, philosophical, scientific & economic values. My place-based gathering designs are called #Sanctuary & #PinupsPresidential.

  • Gender & Age groups

  • Home as human scale governance standard, How the "field" sustains the home and how the "weather" of influences impacting them both requires universal legibility. Like a sports team has #GovernanceStandards defined by the game, we can have “Home” and “Away” standards connecting pods ecosystems for universal modalities like painting, music, engineering, science & more! We need the appropriate food, clothing & shelter whether we play soccer (or paint) in the U.S. or Brazil or Italy. Athletes have multi-cultural experiences as a consequence of sporting #GovernanceStandards (or rules of engagement for a #SocialWhiteHouse!)

Human Experience Design

example: Many similar activities we engage in as citizens go by different names, depending on the category. Opening a box of objects and arranging them pleasingly for view & engagement can be called retail display, tradeshow booth, museum exhibit, classroom preparation, home decor or studio workshop.  Human experience design seeks to identify common modalities in order to streamline the #CitizenExperience.



Kelley Padrick, d.b.a. The Incomparable D'Ava Gardener, began her 2016 campaign believing #BrandUSA had an identity problem. She proposed a simple framework as a starting point for evaluating what we want and need as global citizens, then connecting the U.S. to neighborhoods abroad via our #MeltingPot culture. For AVA2020, we'll continue to use these global standards to take inventory,  assuring first we're meeting everyone's essential needs. For example, if there isn't a 24-7 safe place within walking distance for children to go, that's an essential need not being met for citizens in that age group. Clean air to breathe, water to drink: all necessary for survival. Once we've reoriented our moral compass to be in harmony with the minimum requirements of all human beings, we can set-up #SocialLabs to design, test and share our solutions for modifying and streamlining governance for everything else. This reorientation will help us identify new efficiencies, avoid majoring in the minors politically and open whole new sustainable living opportunities (e.g. women need bras and sanitary products, babies diapers etc.)

1. Age Groups & Gender

Gender Equality as the baseline universal citizenship standard for all- ref BioSciences (Genetic & Early Childhood) Human Experience Design (#HXD) logics. Opt-in cultural or religious layers of submission or deference can be added upon this necessary foundation.


  • YOUTH (children can’t vote or hold authority over adults but require the same citizenship protections in a biosciences-connected world, especially considering how early imprinting affects their life-long citizenship and our technologically interconnected wellbeing as a civilization)

  • REPRODUCTIVE AGE w & w/o children

  • MIDLIFE w & w/o children

  • SENIORS/Classics

2. Pods Standards

The Pods approach uses the home as metaphor for developing standards for governance, much the same way the desktop became the working metaphor for personal computing. We all need:

  • FOOD (#Stir, #CleanWater, #CleanFood #EdibleGarden)

  • CLOTHING (#TopStitch)

  • SHELTER (#RnB, #MakerPad, #ModernNomad)

  • HEALTHCARE (#WishingWell)

  • SANITATION (#PimpinPotties, #CleanAir, #CleanWater, #CleanEnergy #EnergyIndependence)

3. Sanctuary & PinupsPresidential

Sacred and secular formatting for civic conversation and place-based gatherings, to identify personal and community brand values & curate the attention and resources surrounding them.


What should be considered “Sacred,” set apart or non-negotiable for the #CitizenExperience? i.e. clean air, clean water, clean food. #AVA2020 proposes we need a sacred “serious” environment to connect open-heartedly to our truest selves and beliefs about this. Per local #StyleGuide #ModestyStandards, we may opt to cover our bodies differently at these gatherings (like work, I can’t concentrate when your boobs are out), even adopting a sports uniform to engage in light stretching or yoga or to connect with our aspirational or best selves in a new way; like school uniforms, the idea is unity during these gatherings- standard dress can limit distraction and diminish the focus on economic disparity. #Sanctuary should foster a caring community concerned about both the individual citizen as well as aggregate performance results- just like a sports team. We should be able to pull community stats up on-screen, to illustrate how we’re really doing (#AvaReport). This should be a respectful language environment as for speaking to employers or elders.


A different profane or secular format (PinupsPresidential) for comedic, satirical variety theatrical shows (like SNL) to laugh at ourselves when our actuals fail to meet with aspirational goals. Per local style guide this could include bawdy burlesque and salty standup. Women have boobs: it’s healthy and normal to be attracted to them. Per local #StyleGuide>#SocialGraces #GovernanceStandards, in this adults-only #environment, it may be acceptable to say, “Your body looks incredible in that dress.” (I am allowed to notice you and express appropriate admiration without being accused of sexual misconduct or be humiliated by a sneer or eye-roll.) “Thank you!” she says, whether she realizes how flattering the dress she’s wearing looks on her or not- frequently her self-perception relates to the week in her cycle vs. how “hot” she perceives herself to be. I can also give or receive this compliment whether I’m male or female, married or not. (#PaintersHouse>#Studio>#FigureDrawing and #PinupsPresidential>#BodyTypes content along with #TopStitch Fashion #DesignThinking can educate, inform and improve these social interactions.) Of course every citizen wants to feel like they’ve got it going on- #GetYourSexyOn can become an RSVP #GovernanceStandard, per local #StyleGuide and cultural beliefs- in one neighborhood, “You look radiant” in that hijab may acceptable language. If our citizen dashboard is based on #GovernanceStandards, I’ll know how to behave anywhere! Ongoing #Colorways seasons for #civic #design conversation create new shapes and #forms to see our communities, ourselves and others in new light. Let’s take the stupid and the confusing out of these human experiences with new #HXD (human experience design) formatting. These shows can also include fun, non-judgmental health and sexuality content with real time technology and biosciences updates- important touchpoints consolidating #BigData from multiple entities for a comprehensible, fun and safe #CitizenExperience.

The contrasting formats are intended to establish rules for social engagement and #SocialGraces. The first to help recognize what we value and learn how to stay in alignment with it. Brands do an excellent job at this and should be engaged meaningfully- neighborhood by neighborhood becoming brand-relevant #PodsEcosystems. Brand families already organize in our civic arrangements based on affinity and compatibility- notice how often the Jamba Juice appears close to the Starbucks in the Target shopping center. This will #transition us from being targeted as consumers to being cherished as citizens as honed commercial systems adapt. We can gather for #Sanctuary in the local mall as easily as in auditoriums or religious buildings- as long as we’re based on #GovernanceStandards (what makes for happy, healthy human beings on a planet we share). The second to assure we don’t become rigid or intolerant, unable to use creative play to question what we believe and why, or to laugh at ourselves when the #AvaReport reveals our #actuals fail to meet our stated #aspirational goals and beliefs. No one likes to be called out as an individual. Gathering for a comedy stand-up and variety show with citizen-generated content prevents us from trying to hide error. Looking towards the stage in a darkened theater provides sufficient privacy while the necessary truth gets told (this behavior needs changing because of factors XYZ- you’re not alone.) Cue uncomfortable audience laughter as the stand-up comic deftly manages an essential content point.

Both formats to include professional and citizen-generated content and should be mapped via The Ava Report to other neighborhood ecosystems so we can see what governance solutions are successful, where and why.

For example, any #BrandUSA neighborhood should be able to answer how it is:

  • establishing justice

  • ensuring domestic tranquility

  • providing for the common defense

  • promoting the general welfare

  • securing the blessings of liberty

in any of its neighborhoods or civic interactions. Since technologies translate our values about civilization and ethics into numeric code values, it’s important that we are able to identify & track what we say we value and how those values actually manifest on planet we share. 

4. Themes

Like international cities everywhere, the U.S. is a #MeltingPot: every neighborhood & region has it own #LocalFlavor and people groups with their own cultural traditions, languages and civic concerns. That said, COMMON THEMES emerge again and again. By creating tiered #AVA2020 social media content using local #Journalism and expository narrative we can document #SocialLab experiments for change (dropping pins & using common hashtags) so we can track (#AvaReport) how different communities are solving common problems. The layman's version of a particular concern can be produced as a shareable #MemesThatMatter and/or performance bit using our quarterly #Colorways creative direction.

Our #SocialLab prototypes will propose ideas for streamlining governance: designing efficiencies across government, commercial and non-profit systems. Results will trend. Once this happens, we’ll have hard facts from real people & situations upon which to base our political, better, governance systems redesign. A few common themes:

  • BRAND MARKETING & IDENTITY #BeliefID=#GlobalCitizenship #HumanRights #CivilRights, #DigitalRights #GeneticRights #LocalFlavor translating into Unique, Socially-Connected Economic Development Opps #NeighborhoodStyleGuide

  • FINANCE rethinking models for everything: sacred systems upon which human life depend= new nonprofit #DesignThinking. Protected #SacredSystems empower free market commercial systems to grow. Enhanced flow between those systems to support innovation & lifelong learning. Let’s #RunTheNumbers

  • EDUCATION Designing relevant #DestinationEducation opportunities to meet civic, sacred & commercial sector needs. Affinity-based education where basic materials are thematically customized: i.e. #DestinationSports education with texts about Colored Leagues. #SocialLab #DestinationCraft with chemistry classes based around fabric dyeing & international exchanges to learn quilting techniques abroad. Neighborhood Guidance Office/Lifelong Learning.

  • TECH, DESIGN & ENGINEERING In all fields. #DestinationEngineering #DestinationDesign #DigitalCitizenship #BeliefID #NetNeutrality #Privacy

  • TRANSPORTATION & INFRASTRUCTURE Pimpin’ green rides of all kinds: food trucks, small aviation, classic cars, trains, bikes & boats. Design competitions to restore rails & bridges & more! #DestinationTransportation #DestinationAviation #DestinationRail etc.

  • MANUFACTURING Gem towns along Merka’s river & rail lines, ripe for makers of all shapes & sizes. #MakerNation

  • AGRICULTURE, ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT Ava’s on a mission to understand where our food comes from & what needs to happen in order to secure #CleanWater #CleanFood & #EnergyIndependence so we can improve our quality of life & stay safe by securing the #SacredSystems upon which life on earth depends.

  • WELLNESS & the BIOSCIENCES: Mind Body wellness principles applied to #SocialChange initiatives. An “inside-out” approach beginning with an individual citizen’s unique profile (#BeliefID), moving outward into the community. Genetic Rights, Streamlining Care, Patient Advocacy, Neighborhood “School Nurse” #Sanctuary pod to discuss what sacred life looks like on our globally connected planet today

  • SECURITY #SocialLab design proposals on creating a consistent, fair, streamlined #HXD interface from local to global police & military force in order to lower costs & improve #CitizenX experience. #HitTheDojoBro #CorrectionalHospitality= design competitions to lower costs & support smart folks with ideas on how to actually make corrections correct social issues. #DigitalCitizenship, #BeliefID & #DigitalPrivacy.

  • ENTERTAINMENT, MEDIA & COMMUNICATIONS #Journalism & #DigitalStorytelling trending issues through social media platforms=contemporary Freedom of Speech, Freedom of the Press, #NetNeutrality=Fair Access to the Internet, Local. Re#BrandHollywood & #BrandMadisonAve inspire #MetaNarrative environment

5. Tiers


Making #MemesThatMatter, #PinupsPresidential performance bits and entertaining communications for #BoringButImportant matters that get attention in our information age starts by role-playing as your target audience. Like an actor developing a character, ask yourself, “Who Am I?" and why would I care about this? Then begin crafting your social media accordingly. Think about how you would explain something like global warming to a child vs. to an adult: both are capable of understanding the basic ideas, but you’d choose the simplest vocabulary & most essential imagery for the beginner. The child is also not going to relate the subject to a whole slew of other subjects the way an adult typically would, which sometimes, ironically, allows them to absorb more of the story. As a social conversationalist, reference beginner’s mind thinking. That said, we live in a world of complex, interconnected ideas, so we want to develop tiers for different audiences. Our experts & thought leaders need relevant details and references. Developing content for tiers is not an “either/or” game, it’s an “All of the above,” activity. 

SMALL: Who am I? I’m a concerned citizen with little or no personal or professional experience in the topic. Do not condescend to me: it is a busy, information age and you, good marketer, are competing for my limited attention. There are many important causes to care about, so make your points quickly & memorably. Sharable entertainment is often a great choice for this tier. 

MEDIUM: Who am I? I have consumed information about the topic and have opinions. Media produced for this tier is usually intended to deepen or alter those. Content can be more involved, relationships to the content can be richer & the calls-to-action greater 

LARGE: Who am I? This is my world. I am involved in the conversation because it impacts both my professional and private time, and I am likely a content creator in my own right. The vocabulary and examples are advanced. There are likely copious references along with relevant contact info so we can geek out on the subject.  

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume that anything larger than large is a highly specialized audience dealing with content at an industry-specific level beyond the scope of the #AVA2020 campaign messaging matrix. At this level, your spouse’s eyes roll back at the dinner party & socially adept dweebs ajorn to the patio for private elaborations.