Sustainable Living Pods & Pods Ecosystems

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What are Sustainable Living Pods? 

Pods are programs and materials to populate common rooms in a home. Ideas like UBI (Universal Basic Income) have been floated by various political candidates- interwoven pods ecosystem standards can assure that those dollars don’t simply get gobbled up by existing consumer systems, but transform them. $1000 or $2000 cash a month can sustain connected civic homes running pods programing based on standards. Everyone needs: food (#Stir), clothing (#TopStitch), shelter (#RnB,#MakerPad,ModernNomad)  healthcare (#WishingWell) & sanitation (#PimpinPotties, #CleanAir, #CleanWater, #CleanEnergy). A Harley-Davidson or Martha Stewart or REI house, using their branded materials, can sponsor series of homes, gaining hours of our attention vs. single impressions, transforming marketing, R&D and design. What I am wearing, doing and eating will obviously vary depending on whether I’m staying in a Sex and the City home or NFL home.

Transform consumerism, consumer debt and “retail therapy” into sustainable #Experience #Design- there are other ways to finance the lifestyles we want.

Since they are based on standards, Sustainable Living Pods influence economic development. Component pods can be swapped in and out every #Colorways season: we’ll be doing the Wok Kitchen in the Spring and Pastry in the Fall. Teaching and training, programming, pantry/stock and utensils can move in and out of simplified, streamlined kitchens and studios- only the foods or supplies and equipment needed for the season, with variety introduced as often as the citizen prefers. Complete cleaning happens between each turnover.

As such, communities can acquire better goods and service them (civic collections) resulting in better luxury experiences with sustainability in mind. Lesson plans develop and improve year after year (#PodsProgramming) and include teacher training, content, exercises and knowledge transfer. Pods Programs link to the labor/economic needs in the community, so 101 techniques learned at home have a path for professional growth.

Using standards will allow us to take inventory of our neighborhoods to assure we are meeting the basic requirements for human life for all of our citizens: youth, reproductive age, midlife, classics/seniors.  

Pods workers developing projects supporting a #PodsEcosystem will be provided all of their basic needs, per the ecosystem's offerings, along with a stipend or spending cap commensurate with their experience and/or the scope of the pods project they're working on. Check out our model to support #LifeLongLearning on Pinterest. 

What are Pods Ecosystems?

Pods Ecosystems are configurations of #SustainableLivingPods homes organized around the unique #LocalFlavor- would we see a Harley house or a Vogue house in this neighborhood? Would a standard #MakerPad home like #PaintersHouse be painting nursery murals or fine faux finishes in this hood? Hyper-local neighborhood customization of universal standards can help us address the unique challenges and opportunities of a particular places. By writing local #PodsEcosystem business plans, we can creatively combine both commercial projects, government and educational grants along with other unique sponsorships to fund our initiatives. By developing our proposals using pods standards, we can share thought leadership & solutions for #SocialChange via social technologies so feet-on-the-street intelligence can trend & connect. Fun ideas, ones that easily exceed basic welfare assistance requirements, will go viral: e.g. a themed “All Up In My Grill" #Stir pod, intended to serve good eats next door to #Garage pods, will connect nationally, benefitting from shared efficiencies like any other global/national brand. Relevant sponsors will appear.

By tracking data on pods ecosystem projects and #SocialLab experiments where #SocialChange ideas are being tested specifically for the purpose of sharing information, we'll begin to identify which government agencies are working and which ones aren't. We'll also be able to identify which issues are truly relevant at a local vs. regional, national or even international level and be able to appropriately tailor government programming at every level. 

Placemaking Connections (1/2 hr) #AVA2016's 7-19-15 #Sanctuary talk


For example:

A proposed #PodsEcosystem for South Central, Compton and Long Beach neighborhoods in the Los Angeles area that have a common cultural connection & economic development opportunity around the brand and origins of gangsta rap. The hip hop genre and entertainment, fashion and gaming brands have connections to and equity in the history of that sub-genre that could be developed. Using brand marketing principles, understanding & both the positive and negative associations with Gangsta Rap, the music genre can be consciously revisited in a place-based initiative: keep the infectious rhyme & rhythm and block-based social governance know-how, hold the violence, harmful substances and misogyny. References and data regarding its historical impact in the neighborhoods can then be tapped and residents can create themed pods ecosystems that maximize the brand equity in the place, funding new project types that meet the pods ecosystem needs of their residents. A #Stir pod will appear like an employee cafeteria on traditional property business plans. 

A second case study asks the question, "How can we move correctional "guests" (using a #NeighborhoodHospitality frame of mind) successfully through a correctional experience, smoothly training, coaching and transitioning them into a pods ecosystem, based upon the same standards, beyond their current guarded oversight?

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Pods Programming

Sharing content and templates for pods programming will make it easier for Pods Projects and Ecosystems to hit the ground running. As programming trends, we'll be able to see what issues are of most concern to our citizens and how the best programming relates to Social Lab results. 

Individual Pods Descriptions: 

Sustainable Living Pods Programming implemented with #LocalFlavorAll pods can be uniquely named, though they’ll receive traction by associating their pods with shared #Stir #TopStitch etc. hashtags comms
Overview here (draft) The list will continue to grow as campaign proceeds.


BASIC NEEDS -----------------------I

How many cool, different things can you build with Legos? How many cool #PodsEcosystems can we build with a standardized approach to economic development & governance? Sustainable Living Pods are #AVA2016's  platform  Legos.

How many cool, different things can you build with Legos? How many cool #PodsEcosystems can we build with a standardized approach to economic development & governance? Sustainable Living Pods are #AVA2016's platform Legos.

Assuring that our basic life-sustaining needs are being provided for (in whatever innovative #LocalFlavor ways we invent) is the primary goal of the #SustainableLivingPods approach. We can justify this from a humanitarian, ecological, emergency response, technological, economic or just plain fun perspective: the truth of the matter is that by not addressing these needs consistently, we're stunting our long-term sustainable growth and happiness. And what's the point of governing a life we don't want to live? 


Food is a basic life-sustaining necessity. At its most basic, a #Stir food pod is a community kitchen offering meals to MakerPad & RnB pod workers. Depending on the neighborhood’s needs & unique funding sources (government/grants/sponsors/commercial projects), #Stir pods can also provide meals for #ModernNomads (formerly known as homeless) or anyone else in the community. They can serve anything from basic grub to fine cuisine, but the underlying theme is, nutritious, healthy meals (#CleanFood) should be available to anyone who needs them. 


Clothing and Linens are a basic need. For #ModernNomads (formerly known as homeless) TopStitch pods can provide clean clothing and blankets to those in need. Walking through some of our neighborhoods on the 1st leg of Ava's tour, I wondered how hard would it be for some of these thrift stores to simply have drop off bins for dirty clothes & blankets, with a "take a clean replacement" exchange? 

Moving above and beyond the basics however, #TopStitch pods (depending on the #LocalFlavor project initiatives) can provide anything from upholstery, decor, fabric development & fashion. We can connect #LocalManufacturing of textiles of every kind, frequently supplied by clean #DestinationAgro locations, engaging global brands to execute their #DesignThinking hyper-locally, using #LocalFlavor patterns to assure maximum audience engagement & JIT delivery of goods. It's retro in a kind of caveman way: if a certain crop grows in a region, chances are peoples used the material for clothing at some point. We can call it Paleo Fabricking to make it hip:) 

TopStitch pods can also choose relevant handwork, like making quilts and bedding for a particular culture group's unique #DestinationEducation opportunity. Again, depending on the #PodsEcosystems proposals we'll be developing along our reusable Campaign Trail redesign project, using 1/3 of our #SocialWhiteHouse time to "hold court" domestically via our mobile “Lobbyist" show. 

#MakerPad and #RnB

MakerPads are single or multi-family homes & RnB (Room & Board) are repurposed hotel/motel/hostel/camp/resort properties designed to fulfill basic Shelter necessities. By making room & board free for pods workers, we’ll create a mobile culture of people who can specialize in either a field for community service or in a particular place. Young people graduating from college & not finding employment relevant to their education can be deployed for the betterment of our nation. 


For our #ReproductiveAge folks to be productive (and not just in the “re" sense, wink wink:) we need to assure that there's a safe place for our youngest citizens to go. At any time of day, within walking distance of an elementary school child. Mom's running late? No problem, walk to the pod & I'll pick you up when I get home. The nearby #Stir pod will provide snacks and meals. Dad's trying to complete his Oracle database certification while working 30 hours a week? No worries. Baby mama/daddy “It's complicated" situations? We're no longer relying upon romantic relationships to provide stable nurturing & support for our youngest citizens. #Youth citizens checking in with their #BeliefIDs from the youngest ages will engage with trained, vetted caretakers who will “know their names," observing skills and interests and logging findings as children grow. These IDs will follow the child through to elementary school and beyond, informing and customizing their educational experiences.


Local Edible Gardens & Plant Medicines


Our goal is to streamline the healthcare experience for Americans. We will do this by sponsoring #SchoolNurse #DocInTheBox for low cost #BHN first aid & neighborhood administrative assistance/coordination. #CompoundingPharmacy & #PlantMedicine solutions, where local groups can create a local office that will help them machete through paperwork by identifying collective health needs & looking for commonalities. Some will group & apply for group plans. The #SchoolNurse can handle basic first aid/colds & coughs. The local #WishingWell can enact nutrition programs relevant to demographic groups in the area (i.e. nutrition counseling/resources for African Americans w/common high blood pressure concerns, a large senior population may implement a #HealthCareHospitality location designed for their unique needs, #gayborhoods may choose to create a #HealthCareHospitality location addressing their population’s special healthcare needs.)


#Recipes4Change are out-of-the-box livelihood pods to financially support #PodsEcosystem designs.

out of the box Livelihood pods: RECIPES4CHANGE-----------------------I

#Garage (#Recipe4Change Livelihood Pod)

Where many of the greatest bands & companies get started! Garages may also actually be used for automotive purposes, like for our #PimpMyRide program. We can remake trains & planes in really big garages

#Studio: (#Recipe4Change Livelihood Pod)

Connecting with craftsmanship and handmaking of all varieties in our neighborhoods: the #Studio pods, whether running out of single family home #MakerPads or shared living #RnB communities, will restore signage and furniture, paint murals, design decors, playgrounds and parks. #DesignThinking

Check out our #Studio pods Pinterest Board.


SAMPLE Pods Ecosystem Types

#DestinationEducation: By dropping pins & content on locations with shared #Hashtags, we can connect places with new kinds of educational experiences & obtain funding in the form of grants & sponsorships. i.e.

#DestinationJazz could connect all of the places in the U.S. (Birthplace of the musical form & studied internationally) that have historical or current significance to the form so that both economic, tourism & educational opportunities & experiences can be created. #DestinationSports can pin local ballparks & courts & students (especially the kinesthetically inclined) could graduate from high school by traveling from one sports location to the next with reading materials customized to their interests (i.e. the history of colored baseball leagues.) Math/Business courses could be tailored around the running of a ballpark. #Stir pods could create wonderful concessions (who's sick of spending $8 on crap nachos?) with #Homebrew for adult fans attending weekend games run by the students. We could foster a new sense of #Sportsmanship & #FairPlayingField via local

#DestinationSports venues, something that will help us remember that when a political race is over, we're SUPPOSED to support the winner. #DestinationScience #DestinationEngineering #DestinationDesign can build & connect trains, planes & automobiles etc. with #Classroom cars & #ContainerLabs that can move from train to semi to a location where learning can take place in hand-on environments, like coastal cleanups.
Here’s a sample neighborhood post (many to come!)


Projects & Programs:

Sustainable Living Pods are combined like legos to make community projects, social labs and pods ecosystems. Projects will happen all over the U.S. by implementing pods with #LocalFlavor (i.e. every #DestinationEducation stop will need a #Stir pod. The kind of food that’s served will vary depending on the town or neighborhood) #Lobbyists, Ava's #CampaignTrailRedesign show will be focused on traveling from hood to hood assisting with the development of pods ecosystems project plans, outlining pods worker opportunities and creating #MemesThatMatter promoting them. Our current creative theme is #PinupsPresidential: #GoingGangsta on #SocialChange. 

With plans in place, we’ll know how many & what kind of pods workers we’ll be able to accommodate, where & what they’ll be working on. The local #GuidanceOffice will feature a #ProjectConcierge who will greet & manage pods workers assignments.