Run The Numbers



  1. Model to support lifelong learning & fluidity between for profit and #SustainableLivingPods #RunTheNumbers
  2. Using Legos to Understand Sustainable Living Pods & #AVA2016's Platform
  3. Economic Pods Ecosystems
  4. New Models for Compensation
  5. #Recipes4Change are templates for livelihood pods that will help financially support or sustain pods ecosystems. 
  6. Pods Ecosystems using CorrectionsHospitality example
  7. Raising minimum wage vs. buying in bulk
  8. Emotional & Thought-Leadership currency (#InspiredBy @SimsCity)  
  9. Money Follows Innovation, Honey 

Rethinking social currencies & meaningful, streamlined exchanges is an essential component of the AVA2016 platform. The writing has been on the wall for paper currency for some time as it is based on a gold standard that no longer really exists. The financial meltdown of 2008 taught us how fragile our systems have become, as digital numbers based on virtually nothing made our home and 401(k) values go *poof* into thin air. 

Why don’t we have enough money to do what we want to do? 

Because we’re spending it on walls and borders, police and military forces, and huge, low tech, exploitable government programs with scant oversight. Typical political conversations form around stale topics like raising the minimum wage and making a stronger middle class, but don’t address the real issue: we need to design a streamlined, high tech governance to get resources to the innovators that need them.