What do politics and consciousness have in common? *Everything* if we want to redesign governance around the lives we truly want to live. Computer code says "yes" or "no" according to what we value: knowing what & why (biases) we value what we do has historically been a complex part of the human experience. 

When Tao is absent from the empire, men go astray & war horses breed on sacred ground. Tao Te Ching v46

The idea for the Sanctuary Pod is simple: create a weekly local place-based gathering (based on global #governancestandards) where people can experience conversation orchestrated by experts about life on this planet we share. We do this in order to clarify what we value. Once we’re clear on what we value, we can design/redesign systems that support those values. This is like applying brand development #DesignThinking principles and methodologies to our #CitizenExperience. 


A civic gathering pod for values-based, self & community development

Midtown Houston neighborhood murals initiative. This work by  . Is God using an eco-friendly aerosol?

Midtown Houston neighborhood murals initiative. This work by . Is God using an eco-friendly aerosol?


What is Sacred?

Some may have spiritual frameworks for answering this question, others may not. A working universal civic definition might be what we regard with respect or reverence as inviolate or inalienable to the #CitizenExperience. Clean air, clear water, clean food, clean energy have to be considered sacred if we are to survive. Ava’s platform proposes a starting point for sacred values that should be set apart.

How do we identify these values and keep them top-of-mind the way brands do? Regular impressions: there’s a need for relevant, civic discussion about morality and ethics. If we can't expect to be yogis or athletes without visiting the studio or gym on a regular basis, how can we expect to master #GlobalCitizenship without practicing our values? Ava proposes we create a consistent, local, people-centered, social format for their exploration and discussion: the #Sanctuary pod. In times past, the temple, mosque or church was the center for a community ’s moral life. They rarely present scientific data on emotive networks, information sciences, physics or the biosciences, so there’s a disconnect. With a #GovernanceStandards, an #AvaReport can be generated and projected on-screen illustrating dynamic impacts on the #CitizenExperience, whether in a traditional spiritual gathering environment or in a nonspiritual one.

several reasons why relying upon current frameworks doesn’t work: 

1. We’re not all actively religious or spiritual, even when we are, we’re not of the same faith.

2. Many people groups feel they cannot participate in faith-based discussions on morality & ethics. (Gender or sexual preference issues, for example)

3. Single spiritual or philosophical traditions are not the only body of ideas influencing most of our thought lives & conflicts between systems cause human experience design (#HXD) conflicts for the #CitizenExperience. 

4. In the information age, business & design thinking, technology, the environment & advances in science are impacting our perspectives on ethics and morality. With an information aggregating and protected #BeliefDNA #Sanctuary format, instances of correct, beneficial and judicious action can be validated and cross-referenced across categories and locations: all of the sciences, economics and humanities in both classified and public environments.  

5. As a result, we can continually translate and update our understanding of timeless wisdom traditions, like golden rule/karma/reaping&sowing.

For our #CampaignTrailRedesign, Ava proposes that we target vacant and or underutilized community spaces like theaters, temples & churches for a new kind of gathering. Think: weekly church/temple service meets TED conference. Nothing overtly religious necessarily (though that depends on the community) we could expect to hear a pastor one week and a Buddhist monk the next and a genomics scientist, explaining stuff we need to know the following week.


Imagine: we meet on Sunday nights, before our busy weeks begin, at our local venue to hang out with peeps, watch a trending video, hear a talk, experience an environment, learn a practice, engage in yoga/mindfulmaking or mindfulmovement or hear some sacred sounds from different traditions. Afterwards we can enjoy some #Stir refreshments in our cool redesigned sacred spaces & chat about what we just experienced. Inspired post-gathering tweetage could occur:)

Training Wayfinders bAsed on Best Practices:

Rockstar speakers, environment designers, & artists of all types can tour from one #Sanctuary pod to another, facilitating the connection between them. Like sales organization or pastoral training, we can identify human experience design best learning and teaching modalities and implement them as #governancestandards. (i.e. stress or anger management via baseball, contemplation or devotion brain bliss via #PaintersHouse #mindfulmaking)

While #PinupsPresidential is the current secular proposal for our #CampaignTrailRedesign (for example, stand-up comics may use stories and language we consider profane or appropriate only for certain adult audiences) to inspire fun comedy sketches, debates, music & other engaging formats about our political landscape, the theme & messaging will change after every election so we have fresh & relevant content each cycle. Stand-up, burlesque, sporting- entertainment styles change and so will their venues. With every 4 year cycle, we may direct civic transformation via orchestrated secular conversation. 

#Sanctuary, on the other hand, is enduring: one of our sustainable living pods. It’s intended to be an ongoing fixture within our communities, like #Stir, #RnB, #MakerPads & #TopStitch: thought life infrastructure that has a physical place (with its unique #LocalFlavor) within our neighborhoods. Content flowing through our #Sanctuary pods will be dynamic & social from the get go, based upon conversations that arise as we do life together. 

Like all of our pods work, our initial efforts will be set up as local #SocialLab experiments, where we’ll seek unique ways to get our pods rolling and funded via our current, dizzying array of programs and apps, to report via social media on our progress so we can watch best initiatives & thinkers trend at regional, national and international levels so we can connect the dots on know how. 


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