Gimme Shelter

basic human survival pod: Shelter

The MakerPad, RnB & ModernNomad pods

MakerPads are single or multi-family homes & RnB (Room & Board) repurposed hotel/motel/hostel/camp/resort properties, designed to meet minimum requirement human necessities using pods standards. From there, anything is possible. By adding out-of-the-box #Recipes4Change livelihood pods or #LocalFlavor specific #PodsEcosystem tasks, the basic shelter becomes a foundational building block for deploying people into relevant #SocialChange environments. By making room & board free for pods workers, we’ll create a mobile culture of people who can specialize by category or place. Young people graduating from college & not finding employment relevant to their education can be deployed for the betterment of our nation. A robust #Shelter network can enhance and sustain #LifeLongLearning.

See model for moving fluidly in and out of pods ecosystems throughout one's career.