Flexible Exhibits & Residential Floor Plan Arrangements for

Residential space planning for civic use.



Props, seating and #FantasyFloral for #Hospitality: Open House, Cocktail Party, or small semi-formal ceremony

Kali Altar MindfulMaking PaintersHouse Idyllwild Sanctuary BeliefDNA.jpg


Clear floor for sacred values-based gatherings including spirituality, yoga and MindfulMovement. Piano, guitar and teacher staging with cushions or speaker podium at one end of front #studio. Many floor pillows for audience/participants. We are collecting yoga mats. 

Romans for SWATCH Colorways.jpg


Plein Air Groomsmen, Bridesmaids, Gala, HauntCouture- event day or #activitystations for preparation (eg painting crafts associated with premarital counseling content, the painted prom boutonniere, Ava's Costume Shop) 

Dressing for HauntCouture

Dressing for HauntCouture

Dinner Party Rental: table designs for 2-12. Dinner rental with stocked Avas Confit Kitchen fridge & pantry at PaintersHouse coming soon, pending kitchen plumbing repair donation. House of the Spirits or WhoDunIt with Costumes.