The Conversation: Creating a Social White House

Social Graces for a Social Age: 

Our parents made mind-boggling strides in gender & race equality, tearing down old boys club power structures. The sexual revolution liberated us from much misinformation and shame. But something got lost along the way: without the conscious rituals of social graces, subsequent generations lack protocols for meaningful real world engagement because we have no living point-of-reference of the good or bad ole days. As a consequence, we risk losing these hard won gains, becoming yet another history-dooming-to-repeat-itself civilization.

Taking Stock: The AVA2020 Inventory

The Social White House will transform our nation's home into a working #DesignThinking prototype & human scale design studio, running along the same pods programming standards as our neighborhoods. This will serve as an ongoing illustration of how we're designing standards for governance the same way software developers once had to create standards like the desktop, homepage and start menu. Setting these precedents allowed computer technology to spread globally as they transcended language barriers and enabled complete personalization. Our home metaphor serves us well as we make improved, human scale, social designs that wayfind across large grid systems much the way climbing vines travel over trellises. From our nation's home,  we'll create, test & showcase consistent #HXD interfaces connected to neighborhoods both domestically and abroad. 

#LiveDesigning #SocialLab experiments with sector partners and breaking down the thinking behind them will allow for our burgeoning digital citizenry to take part in relevant change experiments affecting their worlds. Producing binge watch worthy episodic television where reality TV meets thoughtful, beautifully filmed documentary journalism, will create riveting storytelling about governance and help us develop an emotional connection to the real life characters involved. Shows like The Social White House will spawn across our people groups and their concerns, informing and educating us as they entertain. Trending shows about our pods initiatives along with the #HXD challenges and solutions they represent will be hosted at our home for national design discussion. With a consistent feedback loop & versioning process, we'll watch our standards for governance move from DOS to GUI to Mobile and beyond, teaching Design Thinking along the way. 

In order to achieve these goals, we must begin somewhere. It's the essence of the #AVA2020 platform. 5 Basic Human Necessities, Sacred & Secular Values, 4 age groups with a participatory creative promotional theme to be renewed every 4 years. 

Since AVA2016's #CampaignTrailRedesign begins our citizen-driven digital governance design process by taking an inventory of our most basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, healthcare & sanitation, our Social White House show (think Downton Abbey meets House of Cards) will feature our designer prez & her local DC and visiting teammates developing pods related shows room by room like Martha Stewart, HGTV, and Food Network programming. We'll entertain guests who will be representing their neighborhoods & sponsors as they create #Stir cooking shows from the White House kitchens, #TopStitch shows highlighting #DestinationAgro & #LocalManufacturing initiatives from the sewing and decor areas, as well as dance/yoga/performance and mindful movement from our parquet-floored event rooms for #WishingWell & #HitTheDojoBro.

Per our social calendar, we will share office space with our trended thought leader of the month or appropriate designated time period, who will also be producing an executive-in-residence leadership serial during their stays in the Oval Office.

The idea is to lead by example, making our country a more hospitable place to be: a place where the brightest minds & innovators are warmly welcomed, not having to fight or bypass the system to get stuff done. A place that cultivates both our multi-cultural and natural environments in long-term, sustainable ways. 

Designating a #LocalWhiteHouse in our neighborhoods will connect the same pods standards to local initiatives, streamlining governance at every level. 

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