basic human survival pod: Food

Food is a life-sustaining necessity. At its most essential, a #Stir food pod is a community kitchen offering meals to MakerPad & RnB pod workers. Depending on the neighborhood’s unique needs and funding sources, whether government grants, sponsors or commercial projects, #Stir pods can also provide meals for #ModernNomads (formerly known as homeless) or anyone else in the community. They can feature basic grub or fine cuisine, but the unifying theme is nutritious meals served in nourishing environments should be available to any citizen who wants or needs them. 


The Mindful Kitchen as a LifeLong Learning environment

Nourishment involves more than food. Gathering around the table to share a meal is social, unlike woofing something down alone in front of a laptop or mobile device. There are decisions to make, ingredients to locate and a mood to set. There are flavors to taste & discourse about appropriate levels of seasoning. There are sounds and scents and negotiations, fire and refrigeration. From #DesignThinking concept to clearing dishes, we learn how to move in harmony with one another toward a shared experiential goal. Stir pod programming including cooking classes and conversations about cultural standards will enrich our connected neighborhoods. Destination #BrandUSA projects, will become a world culinary tour merely by moving one bus or train stop to the next.