Who is D'Ava Gardener?

D'Ava Gardener is a former pinup & showgirl and current presidential candidate. Crossing America in 2014, she realized her ideas about changing governance based on pods standards were quite legit. As a consequence, she inadvertently started a groundswell of social media interest and support, igniting a bit of gangster turmoil in the process. While hiding out at #PaintersHouse, the Trump narrative developed. The results have been dramatic: both the old guard & new are gaining fresh insights, while the boundaries of art, consciousness, government, organized crime, science & technology become blurred.  Why Do We Need A Narrative?


#GoingGangsta On #SocialChange

Kelley Brown Padrick, d.b.a. d'Ava Gardener, is hand-making & showgirl shaking for President and every other executive leadership position we can reformat with #GovernanceStandards. #AVA2020 has designs on creating a Social White House, using global sustainable living pods standards to streamline the #CitizenExperience, creating a new field called Human Experience Design (#HXD).

Through the entertaining, satirical  Pinups Presidential promotional campaign, Ava wants to work her way along a #CampaignTrailRedesign via Ava In Residence opportunities, helping neighborhoods rethink the local, regional, national and global influences and differentiators on place-based branding and economic development. She’ll do this by creating sharable MemesThatMatter and #PinupsPresidential bits and sketches regarding the issues and initiatives affecting our hoods. AVA2020's platform is built to human scale, using the home as a universal metaphor, evolving our social profiles and digital footprints into a Belief ID, we can use to secure the essential building blocks for our new #CitizenExperience.


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"The Making of" the Ava narrative http://www.pinupspresidential.com/beliefdnablog/developing-the-ava2016-narrative-wayfinder-model