To make #MemesThatMatter and #BoringButImportant communications that get attention in our information age starts by role-playing as your target audience. Like an actor developing a character, ask yourself, Who Am I?" and why would I care about this? Then begin crafting your social media accordingly. Think about how you would explain something like global warming to a child vs. to an adult: both are capable of understanding the basic ideas, but you’d choose the simplest vocabulary & most essential imagery for the beginner. The child is also not going to relate the subject to a whole slew of other subjects the way an adult typically will, which sometimes, ironically, allows them to absorb more of the story. As a social conversationalist, ref: beginner’s mind & be prepared for unique mouth-o-babe’s insights. That said, we live in a world of complex, interconnected ideas, so we want to develop tiers for different audiences. Our experts & thought leaders need relevant details and references. Developing content for tiers is not an “either/or” game, it’s an “All of the above,” activity. 

SMALL: Who am I? I’m a concerned citizen with little or no personal or professional experience in the topic. Do not condescend to me: it is a busy, information age and you, good marketer, are competing for my limited attention. There are many important causes to care about, so make your points quickly & memorably. Sharable entertainment is often a great choice for this tier. 

MEDIUM: Who am I? I have consumed information about the topic and have opinions. Media produced for this tier is usually intended to deepen or alter those. Content can be more involved, relationships to the content can be richer & the calls-to-action greater 

LARGE: Who am I? This is my world. I am involved in the conversation because it impacts both my professional and private time, and I am likely a content creator in my own right. The vocabulary and examples are advanced. There are likely copious references along with relevant contact info so we can geek out on the subject.  

For simplicity’s sake, let’s assume that anything larger than large is a highly specialized audience dealing with content at an industry-specific level beyond the scope of the #AVA2016 campaign messaging matrix. At this level, your spouse’s eyes roll back at the dinner party & socially adept dweebs ajorn to the patio for private elaborations. 

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