basic human survival pod: Clothing

Clothing and Linens are a basic need. For #ModernNomads (formerly known as homeless) TopStitch pods can provide clean clothing and blankets to those in need. Walking through some of our neighborhoods on the 1st leg of Ava's tour, I wondered how hard would it be for some of these thrift stores to simply have drop off bins for dirty clothes & blankets, with a “take a clean replacement" exchange? 

Moving above and beyond the basics however, #TopStitch pods (depending on the #LocalFlavor project initiatives) can provide anything from upholstery, decor, fabric development & fashion. We can connect #LocalManufacturing of textiles of every kind, frequently supplied by clean #DestinationAgro locations, engaging global brands to execute their #DesignThinking hyper-locally, using #LocalFlavor patterns to assure maximum audience engagement & JIT delivery of goods. It's retro in a kind of caveman way: if a certain crop grows in a region, chances are peoples used the material for clothing at some point. We can call it Paleo Fabricking to make it hip:) 

TopStitch pods can also choose relevant handwork, like making quilts and bedding for a particular culture group's unique #DestinationEducation opportunity. Again, depending on the #PodsEcosystems proposals we'll be developing along our reusable Campaign Trail redesign project, using 1/3 of our #SocialWhiteHouse time to “hold court" domestically via our mobile Lobbyists show.