What is a Wayfinder?

Updated copy for 20/20 coming soon!

Wayfinders are front line problem solvers and visionaries who take general principles (#WayfinderBasics) and work with them in the field, reporting back on learning in order to shape trending thought & best leadership practices. By developing & testing wayfinder standards in real world Pods Ecosystems and Social Lab experiments, we can get smarter about problem-solving in governance by tracking which wayfinding techniques work best, in which contexts, across disciplines.

Engaging in meditative, the the zone or Flow" activity, as random and bizarre as an open creative process may look, is a powerful connection to Source.

#Sanctuary wayfinders will take these accumulated insights to develop pods programming to nourish and cultivate wayfinders in every sector, much the way marketing folks develop materials to support sales training conferences in business. 


Who we are & what we're doing when we're in the zone or when we lose track of time, refreshes the mind/body and connects us with problem-solving abilities beyond ourselves. In Pods Ecosystems that support flow activity, whether in the studio, kitchen, garage or sports field, we can expect to “harvest" ideas as they emerge vs. achieve predetermined goals via traditional project management processes. Though this kind of approach can cause anxiety for some bottom line or time-tracking focused organizations, planned flow activities actually follow predictable patterns like farming. Generating raw materials/certain innovative thinking comes from flow, developing the ideas fully follows more formal design/develop/deliver phases. 

I am interested in setting up #Wayfinder #SocialLab experiments during Ava In Residence opportunities, where small teams, made up of local and mobile wayfinders, move in and out of structured and unstructured time over a devoted period of 30 days working on design solutions for the places where we stay. See Developing the #AVA2016 Narrative and related Wayfinder Model for details.  

Visit our #WayfinderBasics conversation for more on wayfinding standards. 

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