We design human experiences.

What is human experience design? #HXD

The next phase of UX references the human body as mobile device. #HXD develops #GovernanceStandards for the human condition that weave digital technologies into physical environments in elegant, streamlined ways to promote global adoption of best governance practices. Like "desktop" or "home" became  user-interface standards for computing all over the world, so #HXD #podsecosystems standards will impact how we connect our digital worlds to our bodies (#BeliefID>#Person) and environments (#BeliefID>#Place). 

Belief DNA designs civic programming pods called #SustainableLivingPods that can be configured and customized for the needs and character, or #LocalFlavor, of a community. We design experiments in social change called #SocialLabs, using pods as building block components to create projects, labs and pods ecosystems. Using standards for social change, we will build data and intelligence & share global solutions via locally implemented, sustainable living communities called Pods Ecosystems. 

In light of the U.S. Presidential election season, we are working on developing these standards via a campaign named PinupsPresidential: #AVA2020. We are seeking partners who are in alignment with the values & objectives of the campaign. Though the framework we are using to evaluate our neighborhoods is the same (food, clothing, shelter, healthcare, sanitation, age groups & the values stated in the preamble of the U.S. Constitution) the concerns affecting how those basic needs & values are or are not being met vary wildly from neighborhood to neighborhood.  That said, common themes emerge & these inform our outreach efforts & partner list. 

Our Mission

To research and design sustainable living systems (#PodsEcosystems) across the planet, using our individual, digital profiles as the essential building block for creating new social organisms forming a global #DigitalCitizenship. 

+ Digital, Global & Genetic Citizenship: The early “Wild West” days of the Internet are over; today we are globally connected as never before. In every sector, communication, research and trade are taking place across geographic borders, and the need for a new kind of governance—one that considers the interconnectedness and interdependence of the world—has become apparent. We need to promote the idea of global digital citizenship so that each person owns a form of his or her digital identity and can encounter the world through technology, not just via personalization driven by for-profit technology endeavors, but by self-directed engagement. 

+ Exploration of Belief Systems

We are committed to the conscious exploration of belief systems, making visible the sometimes less obvious influences of our thought patterns. By testing our beliefs in real world #SocialLabs (vs. arguing via traditional politics) we'll be able to see what works at a local, regional, national or global level. We'll be able to translate the wisdom gleaned from direct experience of international customs, practices and traditions into technologies that improve the human condition and care for the planet as a whole. 


Like the library of Alexandria, wonder of the ancient world, BeliefDNA wishes to create a not-for-profit repository of beliefs (cultural, religious, political, economic) dynamically verified by best context/use case studies and other user-managed identity information that will allow for us to govern ourselves by ethics and values. We endeavor to inspire and improve both on and offline social engagement by encouraging citizens to clarify their beliefs, both collectively and as individually, to organize sustainable living #PodsEcosystems. 

Why beliefs matter

In the same way our genes are always expressing themselves in our bodies, our Belief DNA is also at work in all of our interactions, whether we are aware of it or not. From hiring a nanny, to supporting a candidate, to choosing a charity, we make judgments based on our values all the time, and this affects the way we perceive our life experiences. When our Belief DNA syncs with that of our coworkers’, for example, we feel that we have “been on a great team.” When we experience conflict, it is often because values incompatibilities exist (like defining what success means.) 

Opinions are beliefs you’re aware of, while many underlying cultural and personal beliefs go unnoticed.

With guidance from experts in every field, inspired engineering, and extraordinary design, Belief DNA will make visible (and visual) the invisible influences affecting our belief systems so we can consciously make choices about them. We will make it possible for individuals to securely share select relevant beliefs via social network exchanges, job search sites, jury selection applications, collaborative work environments, ecommerce and more: any place people wish to align themselves with groups, products or movements that are based on shared belief systems. Armed with this insight, both organizations and individuals will be able to create better experiences and manage conflict. People will be able to design experiences where they can visualize and manage potential synergies and conflicts prior to engagement.