Why Do we need a Narrative Structure? 

Feb 2019 Update in Progress

A narrative framework with familiar elements allows everyone to get in on the fun, telling unique #SocialChange stories with #LocalFlavor.

What's The Story, Morning Glory?

Kelley Padrick, d.b.a. D'Ava Gardener, is running for President as a Human Experience Designer, Seeker and Painter. Kelley is focused on using her unique configuration of personal interests and skills, while Ava the character serves as an #HXD user-interface example: I am not Ava, Ava is a role I play. You are not VP of Engineering it's a role you play. When the world starts to see us in rigid terms, we begin to see ourselves that way as well.

Examples: who are you in an emergency? Are you a trained 1st Responder? Then I’m following your orders. Even the Commander in Chief gets in the plane or car as directed- that’s why we have teams and assignments. I am a creative director and designer with 25 years of experience developing concepts for early phase start-ups. I specialize in helping others visualize and make concrete the abstract and unmanifest. (As such, it’s no surprise that in midlife, my #SpiritualWayfinder potentials have become fully expressed.) My leadership is strongest in the #Discovery and #Design phases of projects. Problem-solvers, Builders and Engineers are essential for #Development and detail-oriented and analytical people are critical team players in the #Delivery phase that loops back and starts the whole cycle over in #Sustainable Ecosystems.

When we’re preached a gospel of “Personal Brand” apart from relational community responding to environmental influences, we actually limit the fullness of our humanity vs. express our fullest, happiest potentials. The “I am” a VP of Engineering language can freeze perception and create fear when the company she works for relocates or goes under. Civilization also misses out on critical innovation: a senior executive placed 10 hours a week, at least one quarter or seasonal #Colorways per year, in an environment where she is at a beginner level, keeps her brain plastic, while she contributes advanced #GovernanceStandards expertise in time, materials or project management. The 25 year-old intermediate benefits from this interaction. When environmental factors shift, which in our lighting fast technology age is the norm, not the exception, my senior exec immediately reconnects with her now 28 year-old friend to start a new enterprise, avoiding stress and streamlining our citizen’s #experience. (use #AVA2020 platform hashtags #AgeGroups & #LifeLongLearning for these #civic conversations)

Character Development

Who's your alter ego/fantasy character? What attributes of that character do you admire? What music or sports star do you emulate? C’mon now- which rockstar are you when you’re singing in the car?

For #AVA2020 the trend for individual fantasy character development is encouraged as a marketing persona exercise. Designing something on-screen vs. actually walking in someone’s shoes is a very different discipline. Designing #AvasCostumeShop and #PropShop #Studio pods has been positively eye-opening for me. I can’t reach far enough over my head wearing this, so this is no for wait staff. I can still pull together ideas to share with professional #Clothing>#Fashion designers that coordinate with #PaintersHouse #CivicArt #Collections. Having done my homework makes me a desirable client: at least I know what I don’t know: #SocialGraces by #design enhances our appreciation for the expertise of others and speeds innovation. At first blush, you’d think it odd to ask citizens to become universally versed in fashion, but from early age, learning what to wear, when and why teaches #design basics (#GovernanceStandards) that apply across all fields: functional specs (weather, performance activity), materials management (durability or light weight) economic efficiencies (how many people in our area need the same thing? How can we get the best materials at the lowest cost?) and yes, doing all of that beautifully: the bewildering blingy catwalk image of economically unattainable clothing can be transformed to have far more impact in our daily lives.

Performing arts modalities can be used as much for empathy, diplomacy, fun, design thinking and brain development as they can be for actually becoming a professional performer. Same analogy for all the uses of sporting or culinary across the lifetime of our citizen. The Ava stock character world- once I am invited to an #AvaInResidence & #Lobbyists location- is being designed for participatory fun, where our #CampaignTrailRedesign “War Room” team will decide who should play her— a trusted individual who has category leadership in a field different than my own. This will illustrate how #Wayfinders should connect. We may decide to deploy multiple Avas simultaneously or cast Angel Lambinos, Gyspy Delights alongside her along with our masculine stock characters still in the works. (We all embody masculine and feminine attributes, so I think it’s fun to develop both and allow fluid Shiva/Shakti role-play.) We can then watch who’s playing Ava & where on the #AvaReport.

Engaging in this creative play illustrates our need for developing category specialization in leadership that transcends current private & public sector organizational boundaries, creating different kinds of presidential or leadership composites. "We need this cast of characters to run the world (country, company, organization) as we envision it."  or "Let's send in our Angel Lambino to handle that..." In this way we relate the secular, PinupsPresidential governance standards conversation & place-based gatherings to attribute or values-based spiritual embodiment examples like Lakshmi or historical ones like Ben Franklin (podsprogramming for #Sanctuary conversation: what we value & why we value it). Let's not just study for the sake of studying (yes it's good to be a well-rounded, educated person), let's make that PolySci class the ongoing #HXD #GovernanceStandard interface for that subject, then share results via #SocialLabs! 

---On streamlining governance: If we can relate every topic to governance standards like the AVA2020 platform food, clothing, shelter etc...then every class can be user interface: you're participating in government. Electives, hee! ---

Moving beyond Perceived boundaries: Making choices like actors do

No individual human being could possibly have all the detailed expertise required to lead in every category, so we *have* to team up with each other via trended leadership. Our goal is to redefine perceived organizational boundaries, so that the most qualified thought leaders are influencing their category with as much impact and efficiency as current technology allows. Multiple leaders in their respective fields will play the role of ______as we develop a shared Social White House (or any symbolic leadership home), sharing the Oval Office with these trended category leaders embodying the roles we need them to play and that bring them delight to embody (sure, I can be that guy for a while...)  

See the Creative Show concept for our working #SocialWhiteHouse here. 


#LiveDesigning: edits in progress below:

Pods Programming Exercises for #MemesThatMatter 

Consider #PodsEcosystem: #Sanctuary #WishingWell #SacredSexy or #PinupsPresidential applications.

#PodsProgramming #Exercise: Designing civilization around what makes us truly happy and healthy on a planet we share. On your death bed (imagine the skit) will you call out for mommy, husband, wife or a VP of Marketing? Then why are there so many governance conflicts around the roles that are most important to us? What roles are currently valued? Is my sense of self validated more for the role that means less to civilization as well as to my own #LifeLongLearning & happiness? Use media to illustrate examples.

PodsProgramming Exercise: All Politicians Lie

How many of us believe that "All Politicians Lie" and that politics and/or political systems are broken? Why do we simply accept that as a given? How many of us believe the media is largely manipulated by large corporate interests? What are our cultural symbols for liars & the consequences of deception?

PodsProgramming Exercise: Politics, Political Media & our daily lives.

How many of us cannot readily make connections between politics or political media and our daily lives? Is there a missing link? Why isn't political media more personally relevant? As relevant, perhaps, as our social streams, professional, self-development or hobby interests?

#SocialChange is about Empowerment. Ava's technology message: We have the tech tools we need to work around old systems that no longer serve us or to revisit lost ones that do: we need to spec out what we really want. Connect political media to lifestyle media. Where are the differences, similarities? #Wayfinder

PodsProgramming Exercise: Do we really want equal pay for equal work?

I'm not the same as you and don't live in the same place. So our work isn't going to be the same. And maybe I'd like to travel to your town and do your work for a while. And do I want to get paid in legacy paper currencies and manage little numbers on a screen or do I just want to move from experience to experience without any hassles? (Freedom) How can we test new compensation ideas without betting the farm?

Embracing the Duh

We like entertainment & pay attention to it. So why not use that to our advantage? #HXD

• The power of "playacting" inspires out-of-the-box coordinated creative thinking. Acting, music, sporting and #mindfulmovement are user interface types that bypass cultural and language barriers. "Let's go bounce around some ideas" with a ball on a court. Why don't adults need recess? Going to the gym separately from the people you're living or working with doesn't allow for #MindBody creative collaboration, conflict resolution or fun.  "How would my character dress for that occasion?" Let me get inside her head..." can be marketing persona work, easily applied to real world #DestinationEducation #DestinationEntertainment initiatives where people walk through experiences using educational gaming apps, able to see the world through a particular person's eyes. Paintball or lasertag re-enactments of historical battles from any era? Gaming role-playing with real world current & historical data could bring unique economic development opportunities to our neighborhoods & be tons of fun to design, organize & run. Your neighborhood guests could experience unique local offerings by traveling back in time to a particular era.

• Infrastructure for Gaming is robust. Other, ahem, "busty" tech infrastructures can handle plenty of traffic as well. So let's...

Run The Numbers

Pinups know that using #RunTheNumbers strategies to maximize others' investments (vs. threatening them with litigation & menacing regulation) is smart. You catch more flies with sugar, honey. So let's get creative! See related post: "Money follows innovation honey."

• #PinupsPresidential content is wholesome, healthy, sexy fun. Pinups Presidential Workouts connect our mind/body to what's happening in the community & fitness centers, dance and yoga studios are everywhere. They can easily become centers for social change & drive new kinds of business to peeps in the fitness industries. Making Memes That Matter about initiatives in our hoods, using the routines we learn in class,  is a great way to get to know that stranger you're sweating next to.

• There's grant & other funding for physical fitness/health initiatives (#WishingWell) & creative ways to use related #SacredSexy programming under the Sanctuary category. Let's get some places spruced up for the occasions!

• Make Ava a 24-7 super heroine & global phenomenon underscores the premise that no human being could live up to the outrageous expectations we set for public servants, or for ourselves a lot of the time. There are only 24 hours in a day, something stressed out, under satisfied people can easily relate to. Plus we tap into the whole comic book franchise world as well. See Gangsta's Trafficking Smack (as in kisses, not drugs. #StagingACoo not a Coup.)

• Lots of other government related story telling, like spy stuff, relates as well. Bourne, 007, National Treasure etc. Ava's #CIAmeans "collective intentional awareness" and translates from engaging fantasy stories to real world mind/body focus on Social Change.